Fortnite Iron Man Jetpack Sound Effects Leak

Deep in the files, there have been numerous hints about a jetpack coming to the game at some point, and it looks like the rumor mill is just getting warmed up.

For a while, some leakers believed this jetpack could tie into Fortnitemares, but with that event winding down and no jetpack in sight, it looks like we can assume it'll appear some time between now and the end of the season.

We already know that Iron Man is quite the tinkerer himself, having already upgraded the Battle Bus before the Halloween event began, so we know he could have a new jetpack item in the works.

Leaked Sound Effects

Thanks to a from HYPEX, we have our first listen to the sounds and we hear what it sounds like when it uses its thrusters.

Of course, without actually having a look at the jetpack itself, we don't know what form it'll take. HYPEX says the sounds are tied to the Iron Man jetpack gadget, so it does seem like there will eventually be an item.

After Fortnitemares concludes, we have a little under a month of the season left, which means that whatever Epic has planned with the Nexus War event will have to happen soon.

Does Fortnite Have Room For a Jetpack?

With so many mobility options being available in Fortnite at this time, a jetpack wouldn't even be that weird to see in the game.

Now, we don't know how balanced it will be, but if it runs on gas as the cars do, then we could see the developers finding a way to make them not overpowered.

It's easy to imagine this type of item being very powerful in the Fortnite of old, which is likely a reason as to why it never actually came out in the game, way back when it was announced.

Now, especially when you consider this is just a leak, we don't know if this jetpack will ever see the light of day, but if it does, we're excited to give it a try.

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