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Following Fortnite Battle Royale's Update 5.3, players have been enjoying a bunch of content that Epic Games added to its free-to-play title, such as the new Rift-To-Go item, the Score Royale LTM, and the new area dubbed Tomato Temple just to name a few. Today, though, it looks as if the developer has decided to incorporate a rather unconventional new addition to the multiplayer survival shooter's map by adding a giant to a spot in Paradise Palms.

As seen in the screenshots below, Fortnite fans who have yet to encounter this enigma for themselves will not only notice the enormity of the alien-like structure, but also the blue aura surrounding the character's PlayStation Plus Blue Team Leader skin. Once a player gets close enough to the purple cube, they cross over an energy field that emits strange symbols and slowly charges one's shield. What's more is that players can either drop in or build a ramp to get on top of the cube and bounce, while striking it with a pickaxe will send them flying.


For those who have been out of the loop with Fortnite lately, Epic recently began teasing that something event-worthy would occur in Paradise Palms, as rifts in the sky slowly began focusing lighting bolt strikes at a specific spot on the desert biome. These jolts of electricity now seemingly have served their purpose, as they have summoned this unexplained cube from what is likely a different dimension in the game altogether.

Taking all of this into consideration, there's a good chance that Epic has greater plans in store for the giant cube in Paradise Palms, especially with Fortnite Season 6 looming near. Of course, with this being the case, fan theories will start to flood the Web until the developer decides to reveal what exactly this new artifact means for the game's future.

Fortnite is available now in early access on iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and an Android beta is currently underway.

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