Fortnite 22.10 patch: New weapon, Grapple Glove return and more features

The Fortnite 22.10 update has been made available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC, and the official notes confirm new weapon, return of , Holo Chests, and a ton of new features. Here is the complete Fortnite 22.10 patch notes.

Fortnite 22.10 patch new feature

With the new 22.10 update, the Cobra sniper weapon becomes available in Fortnite. It may demolish or damage your adversaries at a distance because of its moderately rapid firing rate and moderately long range. It takes the place of the sniper rifle, which is now antiquated.

Since it may be discovered as loot on the battlefield, in chests, supply drops, sharks, or even when fishing, the Cobra sniper rifle can indeed be located rather readily.


A Holo-Chest holding any item you wish may now only be opened with one Key. Before opening, you may now determine whether a Holo-Chest contains everything you need by viewing a holographic glimpse of what’s within. An Exotic Holo-Chest may be opened with two Keys if you are too distant from a selling Character.

Glove returns

The grapple gun is back in the game, and here is how you use it:

Players can shoot their grappling hook at a solid object, such as a structure, prop, or cliff, to start swinging. Up to the third swing and afterward, each subsequent swing grows faster until you reach your maximum speed.

There will be a tiny window of opportunity if you miss a shot and fall to the ground to shoot the grappling hook and return swinging. Slide out of a swing to extend your window even farther, so don’t be scared to incorporate some slides into your swinging motion!

Where you may locate it?

Grapple Glove Toolboxes do not appear in Chapter 3 Season 3 as they did in Season 4. This time around, they are available from the surface, as well as in chests, supply drops, and sapling fruits of legendary and mythical realities. Though there’s bad news for the Grapple glove lovers, that it will be removed after the 22.20 update (roughly after 2 weeks).

New super-level style

Hold down the Ping button to bring up the Squad Comms Wheel and transmit commands to your hired characters or put pings for your squad with more specificity.

Your teammates could disregard your commands when you direct them to do so from halfway through the battlefield, but the characters you recruited for the island will always obey you at all times. Players can set up markers so they may track them, advance up to a point, or even go revive a knocked teammate.

Squad Comms Wheel

The Battle Pass will have new styles available starting on October 6 for individuals who have already attained level 100 or who want to do so before the season is through. Celestial, Spectral, and Amber styles will be available for Fusio, Lennox Rose, The Paradigm (reality 659), Meowth, and Spider-Gwen.

All of these features are therefore part of the latest Fortnite update, which is currently available for players to download.

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