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Fortnite Player Accused of Cheating in $130,000 Tournament – Game Rant

The  Summer Skirmish tournament is well underway where Epic Games is handing out $8,000,000 in prize money over 8 weeks, though the competition began with some serious lag issues. The second week of the event ended Friday, in which the player with the highest score in ten games(taken from Victory Royales and Eliminations) won, and that battle royale player was iDropz_Bodies. However, shortly after winning the tournament, he was accused of various forms of cheating, such as using a keyboard and mouse as well as colluding with other players.

This prompted an investigation by Fortnite developer Epic Games, and the company's findings contradicted most of the accusations. For example, as far as colluding with players, the company revealed iDropz_Bodies had a total of 129 eliminations across all 10 games, each of which was on a different player. This indicates that collusion did not occur, and none of the accounts eliminated by the player were created between his knowledge of the event and the event itself.

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He was also accused of leaving games if the server wasn't full or the bus wasn't on a favorable path, which the in-game analytics proved to be false. Furthermore, Epic concludes that there is no evidence he used a keyboard and mouse but also noted that the company does not “restrict input device[s] for players on our platforms in an effort to promote accessibility for our entire audience.”

Moreover, iDropz_Bodies uploaded replays of his games after the event, as it wasn't possible for him to have a 2-minute stream delay (as required by the tournament) due to console restrictions. Epic wrapped up its investigation with a statement that a lack of sportsmanship would not be tolerated in future Fortnite competitions.

While the next Summer Skirmish event is set to occur next Friday, Fortnite players have plenty to occupy themselves with until then, such as the in-game celebration of its first birthday. One can hope as Summer Skirmish continues that accusations like this are not tossed around wildly or that any player does not actually attempt to cheat in this eSports competition.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, , and iOS devices. An Android release is planned for summer 2018.

Source: Epic Games – Reddit

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