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Twitter user, YouTuber, and Fortnite player NoahJ456 is known for pulling off impressive trick shots in Epic’s popular battle royale game, but his latest may be the most impressive yet. Building on a previous trick shot idea, NoahJ456 manages to send a shopping cart flying down a pre-constructed path, uses launch pads to land back on it in mid-air, and then proceeds to snipe his opponent from 250 meters away.

The impressive trick shot, which can be seen in the tweet below, is one of the most impressive that we’ve seen so far, and reportedly took NoahJ456 3.5 hours to complete. Whether or not NoahJ456 is able to top this particular Fortnite trick shot remains to be seen, but with the latest update adding all sorts of new toys, like golf carts, it does seem like a distinct possibility.

Check out NoahJ456’s insane Fortnite trick shot right here:

As can be seen in the clip, NoahJ456 utilizes a number of Fortnite gadgets to pull off his trick shot, including the shopping cart, launch pads, and bounce pads. The trick shot takes place in Tilted Towers, which is one of the most notorious parts of the map due to it typically having a high population at the start of matches, and for the rumors that it was going to be destroyed by a meteorite (Dusty Depot was destroyed instead, becoming Dusty Divot in the process).

As previously stated, newly added gadgets could help NoahJ456 come up with new ideas for trick shots in Fortnite, and there are also new locations on the map to take into account as well. Season 5 has introduced some brand new areas to the existing Fortnite map, and the terrain there could also help NoahJ456 pull off more trick shots that weren’t necessarily possible before.

In the future, we may see many more impressive trick shots from not just NoahJ456, but the Fortnite community at large. After all, Epic Games plans on permanently adding a version of the Playground mode to the game, which should make it much easier to for fans to get creative.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One.

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