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The Fortnite Summer Skirmish has seen many avid players win some big cash prizes over the last month, with the eight-week tournament set to see Epic Games award over $8 million in prize money. Perhaps, thus far, one of the most memorable of all the competition’s wins has been that of streamer Reverse2K, whose victory on Friday not only saw him take home $86,000, but also share a rather heartfelt moment on screen.

Upon realizing that he had won the prize, Reverse2K decided to share the news with his father. In the phone call, the Fortnite streamer’s father his excitement at the prospect of just having won a large sum of money, while declaring that he is going to need to get someone to help him with his taxes. It’s all very heart-warming.

This week’s Fortnite Summer Skirmish event – dubbed “Hold the Throne” – saw players attempt to get as many kills as possible in a single match. The player with the most kills held the first position on the leaderboard with others trying to top the score. Two outstanding performances landed Reverse2K two positions on the leaderboard – first and fifth. The ultimate prize for winning the event netted the streamer $50,000, whereas his fifth-place position performance saw an additional $36,000 added to his overall cash reward.

Epic Games announced the Summer Skirmish series in July. The tournament aims to see new competitors go at it week to week in different competitions, with each having their own pool of prizes. The developer previously stated intentions to begin exploring the eSports space with dedicated Fortnite tournaments, and the Summer Skirmish event seems to be one way it’s doing so.

With the Summer Skirmish including only players who have displayed “competitive prowess” in Fortnite, spectators have hoped to see some rather standout performances from players. Despite the tournament witnessing a rocky start due to many lag-related issues and many players opting to take a defensive stance in-game, some rather exciting games have taken place thus far with more seemingly still to come.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. An Android release is expected later this summer.

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