Fortnite Players Cheat During Epic Sponsored Tournament | Gaming News

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Epic Games has big plans for the Fortnite Battle Royale eSports scene, having announced that the first season of tournaments it holds for the game will offer $100 million in total prize funds. A major part of this is the Fall Skirmish tournament which has a prize fund of $10 million. The tournament officially kicked off on September 21, however, the event is already mired in controversy.

The first week of the Fall Skirmish tournament involved duos, with the particular team of NateHill and FunkBomb having been caught cheating. The cheating scandal began when FunkBomb was eliminated and opted to tune into the tournament’s official stream, which was being broadcast with no delay. FunkBomb then relayed information gleaned from the stream back to NateHill, calling out how much health DMO had. This constitutes cheating, and many Fortnite fans have called for the duo to be disqualified, while a minority have even called for FunkBomb to be permabanned from the game.

In a post on Reddit, NateHill add