Fortnite Revamps Their Skin Refunding System

If you ever found yourself having buyer's remorse on a skin you bought in , chances are you were stuck with it for the long haul.

You have the chance to change your mind before you actually leave the purchase screen if you don't like what you see, but once you move on, you're stuck with it.

Following the v18.20 update, things are different and your three lifetime return requests have transformed into regular return requests.

If that seems confusing, we have you covered. Basically, if you're somebody who rarely chooses to refund a skin, not much has changed. However, if you like to get your money back more often than the regular player, things are now looking better for you.

How Everything Works Now

Before this update, you'd just have a set amount of refund tokens for your account and when they were used, they were gone forever.

After this update, you still have three refund requests, but they will refresh 365 days after you use them. From the sound of things, it seems like you'll be able to use your three tokens all in a day, wait a year, and then use three again.

Now, there likely aren't that many of you out who refund skins that often, but now you will have the option to do it. Here's how Epic lays it out:

In cases where you would like to return an item purchased with V-Bucks, you have three Return Requests. If you use one, it will refresh 365 days following the most recent Return Request that was refreshed (up to a maximum of 3 Return Requests). Only items purchased with V-Bucks within the last 30 days are eligible for refund. Consumable items — such as the Battle Pass, Battle Pass Levels, or Llamas — are not returnable.

You will be able to check your refunds that are available through the Account and Privacy menu. If you've never refunded anything before, it's same to assume you will have three of them waiting for you.

Lots of Skins To Buy Now

If you take a look at the Item Shop on any given day at this point in Fortnite's lifespan, then you'll see a bunch of skins you can buy.

While a lot of them are very cool, especially the collaborations that hit the shop, there are some duds that players might think are cool for a little bit, but are no longer anything worth wearing.

The policy lets you hit the refund button within 30 days of purchase of any skin, so that's definitely more than enough time for somebody to decide if a skin isn't for them.

Remember, you only have three of these at any given time, so don't go around using it without really thinking long and hard about what you want to get your V-Bucks back on.

It's a cool change that Fortnite did here, especially when you consider how many amazing looking skins release. Not everyone has a bottomless income to spend on Fortnite skins, so this is a nice gesture.

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