Fortnite Snowy Flopper Leaks & It’s Quite Strange

With each season, it appears that Epic Games want to switch up the fish variety and they've been doing that throughout all of Chapter 2.

While Season 5 already has its share of new fish for players to discover, it looks like the pond is about to get a bit deeper with the introduction of the Snowy Flopper.

On the surface, it makes sense that Epic would want to add some winter-themed things into the game, but even the Snowy Flopper feels a bit to add considering it doesn't seem to benefit the person who eats it at all.

Let's take a look at this upcoming leaked fish and try to figure out why it even exists in the first place.

Leaked Snowy Flopper

According to Fortnite leaker Ximton, it looks like the Snowy Flopper will be a special version of this fish that will grant you icy feet when you eat it.

Why anybody would want to actually eat this fish is beyond me as it seems like it'd put you at a disadvantage since you'd lose a lot of control over your mobility.

Considering it's not a Legendary fish, you'll be running into this one a lot. At least with the Thermal Fish, it's rarer than most, so you won't have to get sad fishing that one up too often, but you will have that problem with the Snowy Flopper.

Is There Anything Good?

If this fish can be used as a grenade that causes your enemy to slip and slide around, then it might have some interesting uses, but other than that, it looks like it'll just be a disappointment.

We don't actually know how long the effect lasts, so if the fish is able to heal you after a fight, we're sure that players will find a way to make it fit in their inventory, despite the massive drawbacks.

It'll likely only be around for the Winterfest event, so it's not anything you'll have to worry about becoming a staple of the game, which is certainly good news.

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