Free Fire Faded Wheel Event: Win Ventus Rogue & Tornado animation

Free Fire has recently introduced a new Wheel  to the game, giving players the chance to earn one of two grand prizes, which include a Ventus package and a Tornado animation. Unlike certain other Luck Royales, this one assures that players will receive all of the rewards within a certain number of spins, which is why many individuals favor it to earn stuff. The Faded Wheel is a repeating feature in Garena Free Fire that provides gamers with a fixed selection of prizes.

Players must merely spin the wheel with diamonds to receive the ’s goodies. They don’t have to rely on luck after paying diamonds because all of the prizes on the Faded wheel are assured. The probability of winning the ultimate prize raises with every item acquired, although the diamond rate increases with every spin.

How To Win Ventus Rogue & Tornado animation In Free Fire

Win Ventus Rogue Tornado animation

The new Ventus Rogue faded wheel event has been added to the game on 21 June, and will be available until 27 June. Players stand a chance to earn a new bundle within certain draws until the event concludes. Similar to other faded wheel events, it also features 10 rewards including the two grand prizes along with the eight normal prizes. Players can deselect any two out of eight normal prizes that they don’t want to earn.

The rewards in the Free Fire Ventus Rogue and Tornado faded wheel event are as follows:

  • Cube fragment
  • Phantom Weapon loot crate
  • Rapper Throttle – motorbike skin
  • Rampage Hyperbook crate
  • Tornado animation
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Pink Devil weapon crate
  • Winter party backpack
  • Rampage Hyperbook tokens
  • Ventus Rogue bundle

Getting a exclusive Ventus Rogue bundle and Tornado animation in Free Fire new Faded Wheel event?

Players should at first select any two rewards out of the wheel that they want to remove from the pool. After that, they can make spins until they get any of the grand prizes. Players with a higher luck rate may even get the grand prize for as low as 9 diamonds. The first spin costs 9 diamonds, however, the subsequent spin costs increase on further spins 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 for 1 to 8th spin respectively.

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