Would you have played Sea Of Thieves if not for Game Pass?

The evening Inbox is still having trouble playing video games in the summer heat, as one reader is dubious about a Metroid movie.

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Free pass

I appreciate what the Rare developers are saying about the fact they have to launch a game at some point, but I notice they didn’t really have an answer to your question as to why they didn’t just spend a few months making content before releasing the game. It seems to me that would’ve made a big difference and given how long it’s taken to make would’ve been a relatively minor extra delay.

I have enjoyed the game for free on Game Pass but it’s not one I come back to often anymore and probably wouldn’t until at least two or three big DLC updates were out. Maybe it’s just me (but I don’t think it is) but continually waiting for a game to get good just puts me off it entirely. I don’t want it to slowly build up I want to jump in where it’s already great and then have it get better from there.

Despite what they said I think it’s pretty obvious they were surprised by the reaction, because I seem to remember their first plan for the game post-launch was pets. Which is nice and all but obviously wouldn’t help the gameplay variety. Games as a service is a fine idea but for me the starting point needs to pushed forward a lot further, for this game and anything similar. I do admit Game Pass is a good idea though as I wouldn’t have played it at all apart from that.


Keep it short

I don’t know why anyone would think Metroid would make a good idea for a film. That director guy talked about it well but can anyone really imagine watching a two hour film starring one person in a robot suit who spends their time shooting bugs and talking to themselves?

Sure you can change it to make a film out of it, but you’ve got to ask why bother calling it Metroid in the first place? I mean, Samus’ suit is pretty dumb looking even in games. It’s going to look ridiculous in a movie.

As much as I enjoyed the Uncharted short I’ve got to agree that that’s probably the best way to handle live action video games. I just don’t think they’re suited to small movies and if it only goes on for 15 minutes that’s much less time to start realising how stupid everything is.


Remake Crisis

Just wanted to know GC’s thoughts on whether Resident Evil 2’s success can revive the Dino Crisis franchise? I’m looking forward to Revisiting Racoon City in January. And I believe most others are too.

So I’m hoping that it does well for its own sake. But also, if there is an outside chance Dino Crisis gets the same new lick of paint.

Inbox magic do your thing.
PS: How many spells of Inbox magic is a reader/writer allowed to cast?

GC: If they work to create new dinosaur games, then as many as you like. We do feel the chances are slim when it comes to Dino Crisis, but if we get the chance we’ll ask someone at Capcom.


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Not so limited appeal

I’ve just recently picked up Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for the Switch. I am currently playing the first one, I’m not sure how I managed to complete it when I was a child as some of the gaps seem really unforgiving. No idea how I would have done it without the analogue stick as well.

It’s still a lot of fun though and in a strange way I am enjoying the limited, linear levels. Open worlds are good when done well but I am finding it a nice change. In general, it makes me wonder if a lot of games are too big now (I appreciate this is a strange complaint), as I also tend to get open world fatigue towards the end of a game which previous letters have alluded to.
Will N


Generation gap

Would like to suggest the following for the weekend Hot Topic.

With multiple model types for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which offer features not available on previous models, like 4K gaming, are you ready for next generation gaming in the future and what will you expect to be included?

Also, do you think that developers could possibly be planning to work on newer generations of games and what price range are you expecting the newer generation of systems to sell for?
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: We probably will do a next gen topic in the future, although maybe with more straightforward questions.


Rain, rain, come again

Having recently got hold of The Witcher 3 Game Of The Year Edition I’ve finally got around to starting it last week and must say I’m enjoying it so far. The combat is a bit of a pain, more so the camera, but not too bad and there seems to be a lot to take in regarding crafting and upgrading (less is sometimes more when it comes to items, potions, and equipment in my eyes) but aside from that it’s good.

I have hit a bit of a stumbling block whilst trying to play the game though and that’s to do with the British weather, it’s far too nice! I think someone wrote in a while ago saying they struggle to play games during the summer and I’d have to agree especially with the weather we’re having at the minute. It must be about six weeks now of near constant sun, with it not setting until about half-eight which has meant more days/nights out and more sitting in the garden until late every night. Plus, when it is nice I can’t sit indoors as I feel guilty for wasting the good weather.

It’s not really a complaint but it’s almost making me look forward to some poor weather and the darker nights coming in so I can get a bit more gaming time.

I think this may be a small reason why Red Dead Redemption II is being released 26th October. The clocks change on Sunday 28th October, so everyone gets an extra hour to play the game, plus the dark nights are officially in for the winter which means less going out and more staying in to play games.


All or nothing

Did Mono forget the Xbox One was named that because it was supposed to be the ‘one device’ for all your entertainment needs in the living room? The next one isn’t going to be called the Xbox Two for that very reason.

Honestly, I have no idea what the next one will be. I had thought the Xbox One X would be called the Xbox One Elite, for example – following the hardcore top-tier Elite controller naming, but got that very wrong. Or the Xbox Pro, following the Surface naming series. So I’m going to say it will be theeeeee… Xbox All. A system for everyone! Yeah, that’ll do.
aelfin (gamertag)

GC: The explanation we had from Microsoft US is that it was meant to imply it hogging the AV1 slot on your TV. We kid you not. Xbox All sounds worryingly like the sort of idea they’d come up with.


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Have breather

I’ve just completed Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon and thought it was a great little game. I had never played a Castlevania game before but have played many Metroidvanias, as this is up there with the best of them. I loved the retro pixel graphics which ooze a gothic atmosphere and the game was in general very fun to play. I enjoyed all of the bosses other than the last one, though I would say that the difficulty curve for the bosses is quite erratic as a couple of the bosses towards the end of the game were easier than those at the beginning.

I really didn’t think the last boss was very good though, it went on far too long and the boss just kept using the same attack pattern. It was going on so long that I had to YouTube someone playing through it to make sure my game hadn’t glitched.

Another thing I didn’t like about bosses throughout the game, though this is in many other games too, even Mario, is why I have to play through a very short section to get to the boss again after I have died. Why not just start me at the beginning of the boss battle after I’ve died? It’s very frustrating to have to play through something again and again just to get to the boss again. Does GC or any readers know why multiple games do this?
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)

GC: It’s to give you a breather before you dive back in. Just restarting instantly makes it less likely you’ll try and come up with a new strategy first.


Inbox also-rans

If I was Microsoft I’d just call it the Xbox 5. They clearly didn’t care about any sensible numbering system when they called this the Xbox One, so why stop there?

I’d call it the Xbox Entertainment System. Failing that the XboxStation or the Xboxcraft. Microsoft Mega Xbox, anyone?


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You can see our top 10 of the year so far here, but how does it compare to yours? If you haven’t bought many new games this year what have you been playing and what are you intending to get in the second half of the year?

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