Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Rarity For New Character Mika

A new leak reveals more information about an interesting named Mika who is expected to arrive in the near future.

A leak has apparently revealed more information about an upcoming character named Mika, including his . Leaks and rumors have become a part of every character’s release, revealing specific details about new playable units even months before they officially arrive.

Mika has been one of the main topics in the Genshin Impact community over the last couple of weeks, especially since rumors revealed that he is from the Mondstadt region. The last five-star Mondstadt character that joined the roster was the Cryo polearm user Eula back in May 2021.

One of the most credible Genshin Impact leakers named SaveYourPrimos has claimed that Mika has a lower four-star rarity. This information was not well received in the game’s community as many players wanted him to be a new five-star character. A number of fans have stated that, even though there is a lot of hype around the new Sumeru nation, HoYoverse should not neglect the first region that arrived with the game. Rumors have already described Mika as small character recognizable by his blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as his unnatural strength.

When it comes to his personality, Mika is apparently an open character, but he can get awkward when around famous people like the Traveler. Some in the community claim they would like to see a new character whose kit revolves around being incredibly strong. Credible leakers like UBatcha1 have revealed that Mika will probably make an appearance in one of the upcoming quests during Genshin Impact version 3.1.

Mika will apparently serve as a surveyor of the famous Reconnaissance Company of the Knights of Favonius, led by Eula which could be another proof that he is a new Monstadt character. When it comes to his element, another credible leaker, hxg_diluc, has claimed that Mika will be a new Cryo user, just like Eula. His release date is still unknown, but it’s safe to say that Mika won’t join the playable roster in the upcoming version 3.1 as developer HoYoverse already confirmed the three characters that will arrive in the update.

There is a chance that Mika becomes a playable character in Genshin Impact update 3.2 considering that the only rumored character for that update is the famous Dendro Archon Nahida. These leaks should still be taken with a grain of salt since HoYoverse could still make some significant changes to Mika’s kit.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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