Genshin Impact: Where To Find All Books In The Rex Incognito Series

Genshin players looking to complete the Rex series can find the location of all four volumes in this short guide.

Throughout Genshin Impact‘s world of Teyvat, there is a seemingly endless amount of lore for players to uncover. For players invested in Genshin Impact‘s story, the collectible book series scattered throughout the world offers interesting background information into a variety of characters featured throughout the game.

For fans of Zhongli, one of the best collectibles that can be found in the open world is the “Rex ” book series. In this series, there are a total of four volumes that detail the story of Rex Lapis' undercover journeys into the mortal realm. While there may not be any specific achievement or reward tied to collecting all books in the series, for players looking to learn more about Zhongli and the Geo Archon the series is a must-read.

The first volume in the series can be found by fast traveling to the Qingce Village waypoint. From the waypoint, head west down a small staircase before reaching an open area filled with shops and tables. Players will find the first volume on top of a table next to a cart filled with red vases.

The second volume of the book series is found in Liyue Harbor. To find the book, fast travel to the waypoint north of the jewelry icon. From the waypoint, players must then head north towards the docks. Underneath the docks, players will find a lower level of shops with various NPCs.

Players will find the second volume on top of a wooden bench next to the old man.

The third volume of Rex Incognito can be found by traveling to the Wangshu Inn. From the upper-level waypoint, head inside the Inn through the walkway. Once inside, players will notice a staircase leading to the lower levels of the Inn. To the right of the staircase, players will find a scroll mounted on the wall that is in the shape of a fan. The third volume is found on the table underneath the scroll.

The fourth and final volume of the series is found back in Liyue Harbor. From the waypoint north of the jewelry icon, head across the street and up the large red staircase.

At the top of the staircase, players will find the Wanwen Bookhouse where they can purchase a variety of books from Jifeng. The fourth volume can be purchased from the store for 1500 mora. Players should also be sure to check out any other books available from the store in case they are missing any other volumes from their collections.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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