God Of War: 10 of Kratos’ Strongest Allies

Kratos is a character neck deep in people who want to kill him. This reached its limit in God of War III, where all of Olympus was out to get him. We can’t say he didn’t deserve it; however, it’s interesting that most of his enemies were his one-time allies.

God Of War: Kratos’ Strongest Allies

Kratos is notorious for being an overpowered guy who easily gets manipulated by people around him and is used as a pawn for them to further their own needs. However, these characters do have their uses, and these allies have been powerful in their own right. In this list, we’ve given main weight to the impact of the characters’ assistance, as well as their inherent abilities.


The God of the Underworld was Kratos’ sternest test apart from Zeus in God of War III, with his ability to control the souls of beings putting him apart from the rest of the empowered beings in the series. 

In God of War, Hades provided Kratos with an army of souls from the underworld, which proved to be too much for the legions of enemies Kratos encountered in Pandora’s Temple, as this power was a surefire way of getting out of trouble if one were to be overwhelmed during gameplay.


We have no idea what became of Artemis, since she never returned after her one appearance in the first game; she was missing from Kratos’ conquest against the gods too. Regardless, the blade she provided in Pandora’s Temple turned out to be the best weapon in the game.

Without the use of this weapon, Kratos might not have made it to Pandora’s Box, as the Blades of Chaos just weren’t strong enough to keep up with beings of brute strength. Artemis’ weapon was vital in enabling Kratos to tear through the hordes attacking him; as Artemis’ death wasn’t confirmed, it seems she might have been way more powerful than most gods.


She had no powers other than being the key to unlocking the box from behind the Flame of Olympus, but Pandora turned out to be the reason Kratos was able to beat Zeus in the end. 

No being had the power to survive the flames, and while Pandora died when she connected with them, she was still the only one who could douse those flames. More than that, though, her strength as an ally presented itself when her memory reminded Kratos that he had the power of Hope within him the whole time, which he used to finally put an end to Zeus’ threat.


The most steadfast character in helping Kratos has to be Athena, who was his only friend among the gods until God of War III. It was due to Athena’s guidance that Kratos managed to carry out the tasks the gods gave him, and she was the reason why he became the God of War in the first place. 

Athena was the one who provided Kratos the replacements for the Blades of Chaos, and due to her support, Kratos was able to defeat Zeus. Her most noteworthy power remains the one of Hope, which she placed within Pandora’s Box; they served their purpose well in the end.


Atlas’s disadvantage seemed to be that he found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, as the Titan was pinned to the Earth and forced to hold it up for eternity because he was caught off guard by Kratos. 

His power was shown when he aided Kratos in God of War II. Here, Atlas’s earthquake-style attacks were monumental in clobbering huge foes away from Kratos during his quest to the Sisters of Fate. It also seems as if no-one can actually kill Atlas, seeing as he was never truly beaten and only imprisoned.


Kratos had seen a lot between his journey from the Greek world into the Norse one, but we might just see Freya’s true powers in the next God of War game, although she certainly won’t be an ally then. In the most recent entry, though, it was due to Freya that Atreus didn’t die when it seemed like he was too far gone. 

Freya’s powers of witchcraft seem to be the stuff that can’t be explained, as she was able to cast a spell that removed all kinds of sense of touch and pain from her son Baldur, who was powerful enough to fight Kratos. She also seems aware of all forms of magic, and Kratos found himself able traverse the Nordic realms because of Freya’s knowledge.


He turned out to be easier to fight than what we expected of him, but Poseidon’s greatest contribution to Kratos remains when he provided him his rage in God of War. This power was such, that Kratos retained it all the way to God of War II, along with the trident that permanently gave Kratos the ability to breathe underwater. 

Poseidon’s Rage was the most favored magical power among players during the first game, and its value was understood when Kronos’s Rage paled in comparison in the following installment. Poseidon’s innate abilities were marvelous too, as was witnessed when he brought out the sea to battle Kratos in God of War III.


Kratos would have been suffering for eternity in the Underworld had it not been for Gaia’s intervention in God of War II. Gaia was the one who orchestrated the return of the Titans into the present; while she used Kratos as a pawn, he did achieve his mission of eliminating the Sisters of Fate because of her. 

Gaia also inadvertently aided Kratos in God of War III, where her betrayal enabled him to find out about Pandora’s Box. On her own, she was powerful enough to outlast the gods’ imprisonment of the Titans and was responsible for raising Zeus.


Kratos’ original boss was a very powerful god indeed, but was eliminated first in the series because he would’ve been a huge hindrance in Kratos’ way otherwise. Ares was easily the greatest ally Kratos had, although that was a dark time in the Spartan’s life. 

Ares brought out the best of Kratos in combat, but the worst as far as his humanity was concerned. It was Ares who saved Kratos’ life first and endowed him with the Blades of Chaos, the same blades that Kratos used in the Norse world to great effect. Had Kratos embraced the dark side fully, Ares would have usurped Zeus.


We didn’t have Zeus as an ally for longer than a solitary game, but he helped out way more than most realize. It’s still not common knowledge that Zeus was the grave digger who got Kratos back from the Underworld in God of War, and it was because of Zeus’s ruling that Kratos was tasked with retrieving Pandora’s Box – the weapon that brought the powers of a god.

Zeus also bestowed upon Kratos his own powers of lightning in the first game, which was perhaps the highest honor any warrior could have gotten. According to Hercules, Zeus let Kratos’ name be known among the people too; had he not denied Kratos’ request of taking his nightmares away,then Zeus’s status as the ruler of the world would have been unquestioned.

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