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The Valkyrie Sigrun is the leader of the nine Valkyries that you can fight as an optional boss in God of War. The Valkyrie Queen Sigrun can be summoned at the Council of Valkyries located near the Shores of Nine, but only once all other Valkyries have been defeated. In this , you will learn everything you need to know about finding and defeating the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun, in God of War (2018).

Where to Find Valkyrie Queen Sigrun

Sigun is found at the Council of Valkyries to the North of the Lake of Nine, and can only be challenged after killing the other 8 Valkyries and claiming their helms.

To get to this area, head to the two wooden oarsmen at the Northern end of the Lake of Nine and dock the boat on the left-hand beach. Here, climb up the wall visible on your right and navigate through this area past Sindri's shop. Head through the door at the top and across the bridge to enter the Council of Valkyries.

Once you've made it there, visit the 8 red-lined thrones and place a Valkyrie helm on each one, which will cause a Realm Tear to appear in the middle of the arena. You can interact with it to begin the fight.

How to Defeat All Valkyries

  • Recommended Level: Level 7 for a reasonably difficult fight.
  • Recommended Runes and Items:
  • Superior Resurrection Stone – Resurrects Kratos with most of his health restored.
  • Legendary Runic Vestment (Atreus) – This allows Atreus to throw Healing Stones at Kratos when he's at low health, which are automatically absorbed.
  • Ratatoskr Runic Summon (Atreus) – Summons a squirrel that will dig up consumbables such as Healing Stones and Rage Stones. Level this up to Level 3 so that he'll dig up three consumables.
  • Armor – This depends on how you play, but generally it's best to go with the Ivaldi armor pieces from Niflheim, as their Regenerating Essence perk will have Kratos slowly regain health. Otherwise, choose Epic-rank gear.
  • Make sure your equipment is fully upgraded – The Leviathan Axe should be Level 6, the Blades of Chaos at Level 5, the Talon Bow at Level 6 (it'll be red), and your Runic Attacks upgraded to Level 3, and using only yellow Epic-rank gear. For the best chance, your gear should be fully upgraded to Level 8, including Armor, Axe Pommels and Blade Grips.

When you start the fight, Sigrun will immediately emerge from the Realm Tear and slam Kratos into the ground, and while this deals no damage, it means you can't open the fight with your best moves during her awakening animation, since unlike the other 8 Valkyries, she doesn't have one.

The arena you fight in is second only to Hildr's in terms of size, and Sigrund will force you to use every inch of it. There's a little alcove at the gold chain that's of some interest: if Sigrund retreats into it, you can sometimes manage to pin her inside, making her sideways dodges ineffective and letting you rail on her a bit more than usual.

Sigrun has just about every single maneuver the other 8 Valkyries had, from spinning whirlwinds to wing jabs to feather projectiles. They are all even more deadly than before, so you'll need to apply everything that you've learned up to this point. Here's the signature moves of the other Valkyries that Sigrun can throw at you, and how to avoid them:

  • Gunnr's Scythe Swipes – These involve charging at you with a Scythe, either from the air as a single attack or from the ground as a double-attack. This is one of the easier moves to parry, making them a prime way to open Sigrun up to attack.
  • Kara's Ring Throws – There are two of these: one is a normal attack with multiple rings that snake through the air, and should be blocked. The second is a lightning-fast heavy attack that should be dodged, or interrupted with Atrueus' arrows before she can throw them.
  • Geirdiful's Scythe Waves – Sigrun will slash into the ground with her scythe to send a green shockwave Heavy Attack directly at Kratos. Roll to the side to avoid!
  • Geirdiful's Wing Flap Shockwave – This is one of Sigrun's most devastating attacks, as it has such a wide blast radius that you have to be on the opposite side of the arena to avoid it. Use Atreus' arrows to hit her when she charges up this move to interrupt her and prevent certain death. The only positive is that, unlike Geirdiful's original, Sigrun's use of this move does not cover the arena in fog.
  • Olrun's Valhalla Stomps – Another incredibly deadly move, Sigrun can chain this move up to three times in a row, requiring you to quickly roll out of the way of each and every one (and she won't give it away by shouting Valhalla each time). If you get caught, use the X button to break out of it: she'll crush Kratos until he dies otherwise.
  • Eir's Wing Shield – Here Sigrun will form a large shield with her wings, and will counter-attack if struck twice or after a few seconds. Use the Block Break skill by tapping L1 twice to open her up to attack.
  • Eir's Mace Swings – This is a double-move where Sigrun will stand on the ground and strike near Kratos with her mace that induces blindness, then follow-up with a huge swing. Dodge both of these!
  • Eir's Mace Shockwave – Another incredibly powerful move, here Sigrun will raise her mace, spin in the air, then throw it down for a massive shockwave that means almost certain death. Like the Wing Flap Shockwave, you should use Atreus' arrows to interrupt this: you'll have a fairly large window to do so.
  • Gondul's Meteors – In this move, Sigrun will raise her arms to the sky and summon three meteors that smash across Kratos' position, coating the impact sites with damaging fire. Be prepared to dodge twice here: Sigrund loves to come charging in with a wing jab after using this move.
  • Rota's Glide Charge – Here Sigrun will charge through the air across the arena directly at Kratos. This requires up to three three dodges, but the window will be larger compared to the Valhalla Stomps.
  • Hildr's Ice Barrage – Works exactly as before: Sigrun will fire a stream of ice chunks, then pause before firing a large ice chunk Heavy Attack. Block the first barrage, then dodge roll out of the way in the pause before the large ice chunk is fired.

In this fight vision is key — Sigrun's biggest attacks all involve her flying up into the air. To make sure you can identify and avoid them, keep your distance from her for most of the fight and never rush in to attack unless she's been knocked off-guard in a major way. This means this fight will probably take longer, but many of her attacks involve her diving toward Kratos. Avoid these and you'll save yourself a lot of grief.

Then, once you've successfully dodged her attack combo, she'll stop to recover for a second giving you a chance to start your own. You can start with a heavy attack then throw down your available Runic abilities. Make sure you have quick Runic attacks equipped that chain together well to make the most of these openings. Runic attacks are a great way to break her wing shield too if she uses it with your first heavy attack (although we still highly recommend Block Break by double-tapping L1).

Sigrun is the most dangerous when she's airborne and the Heavy Attack red ring shows up. This means that she's likely about to use either the Wing Flap Shockwave or the Mace Shockwave, which are all incredibly powerful moves that can kill Kratos in one hit on higher difficulties. To avoid that, have Atreus fire arrows at her: this will interrupt her and prevent the attack from happening, which is far easier than dashing to the opposite edge of the arena.

Atreus' arrows don't damage Sigrun and she has no Stun meter for Light Arrows to work on, so you shouldn't worry about managing his ammo. His summons aren't all that effective either, outside of the Wolves which can occasionally knock Sigrun off-guard. Our pick is Ratatoskr, who'll uncover up to three consumables (like Healing Stones and Rage Stones) when fully leveled up. If you do equip Ratatoskr, make sure you only call him when you plan on using the health, or else they'll disappear after a while. Also remember that Sigrun will drop Healing Stones after certain health milestones, and that she'll be knocked off-guard if close to Kratos when he stomps them!

Breaking off the fight just to grab Healing Stones is highly dangerous, however, so you should consider using Spartan Rage as a safe way to pick them up. Kratos can't be hurt when Spartan Rage is active, so the meter will just lower instead of taking damage. Sigrun's mobility makes Spartan Rage functionally useless for recovering health by attacking her, but activating it is a great way to cancel one of her attacks: pop Spartan Rage to knock her back with the activation shockwave, then cancel it to save rage for later!

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