Google want Stadia to have exclusive games other platforms can’t support

Ahead of the launch of next month for those who picked up the Founders Edition, Google are chatting a bit more about their plans for the Debian Linux-powered game streaming service.

Firstly, Google just announced their first-party developer Stadia Games and Entertainment will be located in Montréal. Additionally, they have a new interview up with to go over their grand plans for the service. This includes multiple first-party game developers run by Google, Stadia Games and Entertainment is just the first. Speaking to Jade Raymond, the VP and Head of Stadia Games & Entertainment they said:

We have a plan that includes building out a few different first-party studios, and also building up the publishing org to ship exclusive content created by indie devs and other external partners.

The Google manages to make and secure with Stadia will be one of the big things that makes or breaks it, on top of how accessible it is with things like bandwidth use which is likely to be a big barrier with many people having monthly limits.

Part of their plan is to make games that other can’t handle. Games are of course often limited by the processing power of your PC, with top-end games requiring some pretty expensive consumer hardware to perform well. Not so much a problem with Stadia, since games will run across their ridiculously powerful servers and stream it into your Chrome browser window. This is all part of their plan of course:

There are a lot of things that being cloud native enables that you’re just not going to be able to see on other platforms, and I think that’s the job of first-party, to really show that off and let people imagine what those things are.

Think about it, AI that’s a lot smarter powered by something like Google Duplex, many times more people available on the screen than would be possible before and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with.

Raymond said in the interview, that they do have some exclusive games currently in the works that should demonstrate what they mean with Stadia’s server power. However, it could be “several years” before some big new IP comes out that fully takes advantage of it but they claim we should see some that push the boundaries coming out every year.

There are a lot of drawbacks to the service, many of which we’ve mentioned before. However, for Linux gamers especially it really could fill a huge gap. Having access to things like online multiplayer titles that will never be ported to Linux and possibly never work in Steam Play is an exciting one.

Stadia is set to launch on November 19. We have a Founders Edition ordered to see what we think, however we may be in for a wait since they’re shipping out based on your order date. It’s going to be interesting to see what the experience is like when played on Linux. Stay tuned.


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