GTA 6 chainsaw in it reveals leak from artist

An artist working at Rockstar India has revealed what they've been working on for GTA 6 and it involves chainsaws and fake company logos.

Although there have been some leaks about GTA 6, revealing major details such as it being set in Vice City and starring a Bonnie and Clyde style pair of protagonists, there's been very little detail on any of the gameplay.

Thanks to an indiscreet post on LinkedIn, though, we now know a very specific piece of information: the game contains a .

The CV of a 2D/UI Graphic Designer in India describes what they've been working on in an unwise amount of detail, including the fact that they worked on 500+ in-game 2D assets for GTA 6, 25+ unique brands, and… a chainsaw.

Once someone pointed out they'd said too much the CV was edited to remove much of the information, but naturally the internet was there to record it all.

The talk of 2D assets may refer to icons for inventories and shop menus but more likely it means textures, to be used for 3D models.

The brands are likely logos for GTA's various parodies of real-world shops, cars, and clothing lines, as well as labels for items including a ‘fire extinguisher, chainsaw, electric board, boat motor, and car engine.'

There's no indication that the chainsaw is an object you can use and indeed most of the things they've been working on seem to be static items like signs, billboards, and neon lighting. They also mention fake mobile phone and desktop pages, as well as ‘generic clutter.'

None of this gives any real insight into the gameplay but what it does prove is that work on GTA 6 is well underway, not just the top-level stuff but all the nitty gritty that is needed to make the game looks as realistic as possible.

That doesn't offer any hint of when exactly Rockstar will start talking about the game themselves, but it certainly doesn't do anything to dent hopes that there'll be some kind of reveal or trailer this year.

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