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The ultimate comeback … comes… back.

Grand Theft Auto revives another Year 2 Adversary Mode this week, in the form of the Trading Places Remix. Another follow up to the After Hours expansion for GTA Online similar to last month's Hunting Pack Remix, Trading Places takes the basic formula of the original mode and makes some big, hairy changes to it.

Just like in the original Trading Places (the Adversary Mode, not the classic Akroyd-Murphy comedy for which it's named), each match starts with one team being deemed the “Winners” and the other team the “Losers.” The objective of the Winners is simple: stay a Winner. The Losers objective is to eliminate a Winner and thus become a Winner themselves. If a Winner is killed by a Loser, they then become a Loser (and trade places, see what they did there?) and have to fight their way back to the top.

What's new about Trading Places Remix is that it's no longer a match between normal players with standard weapons. The Winners in Remix now start each round in Juggernaut armor with a minigun, and can pick up several other powerful weapons (such as railguns or rockets) around the custom-designed arena. The Losers, on the other hand, start the game as Beasts – monsters with incredibly strong melee attacks plus a super jump and cloaking ability that allow them to close the distance with their prey quickly and quietly.

These new updates make for plenty of interesting (and crazy) moments during matches, and we had a grand time checking it out prior to release. Trading Places Remix will release alongside tomorrow's weekly GTA Online update, the details of which you can always find right here.

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