GTA Online Glitch Lets Players Break Into Franklin’s House

uncover a recent bug in GTA Online that allows them to into the of a character from the single-player campaign.

As the multiplayer element of a hit open-world game, Grand Theft Auto Online has built on the setting its base game has set up. While GTA Online‘s most recent missions have focused on continuing storylines for NPCs like Gerald, a newly discovered bug in the game is allowing players an unintended look into one of its protagonists' lives.

Because GTA Online is meant to be a separate experience from GTA V, there is no direct mention of the three playable characters from the main campaign. Although the characters' houses are still in the world, they are inaccessible. However, Reddit user Preflipped discovered that players can use the Up-N-Atomizer gun in order to into Franklin's house.

In a video, Preflipped manages to leap onto the left wall bordering Franklin's property. Players must then balance on it until they reach the garage. By walking over to the house's ceiling from there, using the gun on the roof by the solar panels will make the player's character fall backwards and clip into Franklin's house. Upon entering, Preflipped demonstrated that the house looks exactly as it does in GTA V. However, outside of seeing what the house looks like, GTA Online's bug doesn't let you do much else.

Reddit users responded in fascination. One responder pointed out another major glitch in Franklin's house, which allowed players to drive a T20 hypercar into the house before Rockstar patched it. When another user asked if Rockstar was likely to patch this bug, Preflipped said that he “hoped not.” Because the Up-N-Atomizer is one of the few GTA Online weapons that can hurt users through glass, he believes that the weapon is a necessary part of the game. Outside of Preflipped's arguments in favor of keeping the gun's current capabilities, glitching into Franklin's house is hardly a game-breaking bug. Considering the more serious bugs where players have lost property or in-game cash, this exploit is likely low on Rockstar's list of priorities.

Curious players with some time to kill in-game before their next mission should give this short expedition a shot. However, with the ongoing alien gang wars and Rockstar's offer of free money in-game, GTA fans might not have much time to explore.

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