GTA Online Player Shows Off Impressive Pegassi Collection

Just like most previous Rockstar games, Grand Theft Auto Online offers a huge, huge open world with lush vegetation and stunning environment. Having said that, Los Santos is more than just a pretty face, as players can explore the map to buy costumes, lavish shopping apartment, helicopters and, as a player, supercars that are sure to catch the eye of other gamers.

For starters, developer has been emphasizing the motorcycle scene since the launch of multiplayer in 2013. After all, the game has thrived thanks to countless expansions. and vehicle overhaul like popular GTA Online Update Los Santos Tuners, saw the inclusion of more than ten different brand new cars. However, most players quickly discover that luxury supercars do not grow on trees and often come with a hefty price tag. So this is why it is all the more impressive that some players can collect quite a few special games available in GTA Online.


Now, leaving many gamers both stunned and jealous, Reddit user JimJamSandwich has posted a short 35-second clip on GTA Online subreddit showing off their pretty impressive collection of luxury car. Created with the in-game Rockstar Editor and shot inside a secure garage, the video doesn’t waste time showcasing the car collection as a visually pleasing shot from every corner of the apartment. room.

Because of his riding record, JimJamSandwich’s post received over 900 upvotes, as well as many people from the community who signed up to applaud the display. Others happily chatted jokes based on how all the rides were wrapped in matte black paint, comparing the collection to that of crime fighter Batman in the comics and fixation. his on gothic supercars. With such comparisons, a future JimJamSandwich exhibiting could be GTA Online’s very own version of Batmobile.

However, the players who wanted to build the type Grand Theft Auto Online cars will have to test Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The sites are often frequented by players with a lot of money, in which Legendary Motorsport is known for distributing a selection of cars costing up to 100,000 USD.

  • The Infernus – $440,000.
  • The Monroe – $490,000.
  • Faggio – $5,000.
  • Harvester – $1,595,000.
  • Osiris – $1,950,000.
  • The Tempesta – $1,329,000.
  • The Tezeract – $2,825,000.
  • Toreador – $3,660,000.
  • Zentorno – $725,000.

Once purchased, the player can store the cars in a garage linked to any safe house they own. From there, they can be customized at Los Santos Customs or modified at the Vehicle Workshop within selected properties.

Grand Theft Auto Online Available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S support planned for March 2022.

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