GTA V adds DJ The Black Madonna, new hoverbike, drone, and more

Remember when GTA V launched five years ago and was a relatively grounded crime game? Sure, there was still really goofy stuff and it was still an open world playground but it drew a line at some point. Then, Rockstar just put some whiteout over that line and went to warp speed over it.

Since 2013, Rockstar has just lost the plot with GTA V (in a good way) and given us flying Deloreans, bikes with rockets attached to the back of them, Hot Wheels-esque race tracks, and so much more. It’s basically old-school GTA on roids.

Now, as Rockstar prepares to add the last DJ to the GTA V After Hours update with The Black , they’ve added a bunch of new toys for players to play with. Once you’ve gotten The Black Madonna all settled in your club to keep Los Santos grooving, you can go out on the town with a brand new , operate on the go with a new Mobile Recon Center, and mess around with a drone.

For starters, the Pegassi Oppressor is getting a significant upgrade in the form of the Pegassi Oppressor MK II: The bike has been stripped of its wheels in favor of hoverbike technology and a jet engine. You can upgrade the hoverbike exclusively from the back of the new Mobile Recon Center, the Terrorbyte.

If you’re a busy crime lord and are always on the go, finding it inconvenient to have to return to your businesses to manage them, the Terrorbyte is for you. You can use a mobile operation’s center to not only launch cargo runs, gunrunning missions, and so forth but also do new client jobs that allow you to hack popular social media site LifeInvader with a drone, steal from bank robbers, and more.

The Terrobyte and Oppressor MK II side by side
The Terrorbyte and Oppressor MK II side by side

Your Terrorbyte is available in one of your levels of the garage in your nightclub and can be customized and upgraded with multi-lock missile launchers to be fit for battle. The Terrorbyte also features an outdated LSPD scanner which gives you insight on persons of interest as seen in the image below. Should you need to make a quick getaway, The Terrorbyte has room for your Oppressor MK II in the back and can be deployed whenever you need.

The Terrorbyte's LSPD Maverick scanner
The Terrorbyte’s LSPD Maverick scanner

You can also read about the following in-game discounts below.

Take advantage of 30% off select Vehicles & Modifications through August 20th and keep your foes guessing.

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  • Countermeasures – 30% off
  • Bombs – 30% off
  • Liveries – 30% off
  • Engines – 30% off
  • Aircraft & Land Vehicle Weapons – 30% off

Open new avenues of illicit trade or refurbish your current hideout with 25% off select Properties, Add-Ons & Renovations all week long.

  • Hangars – 25% off
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