Halo Infinite Dataminers Share Footage of Cut Crusher Enemy

Halo Infinite fans have recently had the chance to get some serious insight into content that had previously been deliberately cut from the game, and stuff that’s seemingly still in production – all thanks to the efforts of various community dataminers sifting the files for more information. From vehicles and weapons that may soon be coming to the game, all the way to special game modes and other assorted tidbits.

It’s not too strange, then, that someone managed to discover a cut Halo Infinite enemy as well. A massive, imposing monster, the aptly-named Crusher was a dedicated close-quarters combatant that would throw Master Chief around like he was nothing, but according to Rebs Gaming, the leaker responsible for this information, the Crusher’s proficiency in combat was what got the creature cut from the game in the first place.

As Rebs Gaming points out, his video is the first proper look the community has had at the mysterious Crusher. Whereas items such as the recent Halo Infinite UH-144 Falcon leak are curious but generally somewhat unremarkable, the Crusher is fascinating because it seems like it was almost finished before it got cut from the game. Rebs Gaming’s video shows two Crushers chasing after the player with impressive speed considering its bulk, which makes them seem like a very oppressive element of the battlefield.

It’s entirely possible, of course, that Halo Infinite’s upcoming DLC could introduce Crushers in a nerfed format. If the creature wasn’t so laser-focused on eviscerating the player at close range, for example, it might not be quite as difficult to keep one’s distance from it and fire away. Rebs Gaming’s showcase certainly implies that the Crushers were too aggressive to be fun to fight against, but the concept is sound, and the alien’s design feels right at home in Halo.

According to assorted leaks, Halo Infinite’s campaign DLC may feature the Endless as the primary antagonists, but if this is true, this still leaves ample room for 343 Industries to experiment with the Crusher in some capacity. Having said that, it’s also entirely possible that the creature will be left on the cutting room floor, as it’s not something the game actually needs in order to be fun and engaging.

In fact, there are many features that Halo Infinite fans are waiting for, and it’d be for the best if 343 Industries was to focus on those in lieu of creatures that seem to have been cut for a very good reason, to begin with. Either way, the leaked Crushers look like an interesting foe that probably could’ve been fun had it been completely rebalanced. As it is, however, this is unlikely to be a priority for the developer.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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