Halo Infinite gets the Helldivers 2 treatment in a new mod

Infinite's robust modding community has released footage of an upcoming mod based on the critically acclaimed — but recently troubled — 2.

The people behind the mod are following the heavy wave of appreciation for Arrowhead Studios' first-person shooter with a homage to the game's environment, guns, and stratagems.

Helldivers 2 meets Halo Infinite in ‘Helljumpers' mod

Posting on X, the @TheForgeFalcons handle released the news that the mod, titled “Helljumpers” would be coming to the game in early June.

“This is your first look at the map for *Helljumpers*. This map is NOT final and is expected to receive new additions, changes, lighting changes and balances throughout the development cycle,” the post announced.

The gameplay trailer will be released later this month, ahead of the proposed summer drop for the fan-made content. Players will be able to use Halo Infinite-style stratagems to call down support, such as the orbital bombardments that Helldivers can access in that game.

Forge Falcons released an idea of the stratagems that will be a part of the mod. These include incursion, support, and defensive stratagems.

Elsewhere, the war for Super-Earth has been heating up with Sony announcing a PSN account was mandatory to play the Arrowhead game before the weekend. The publisher quickly reversed its plans after the Helldivers 2 fanbase released an orbital bombardment-style backlash.

Review bombing on Steam, complaints, and refund requests were all laid at Sony's door as PlayStation's attempt to sign up more PSN users was rebuffed.

“The May 6 update, which would have required Steam and PlayStation Network account linking for new players and for current players beginning May 30, will not be moving forward.”

This was seen as a massive victory for the gaming community. It also generated goodwill for Sweden-based Arrowhead, which is quickly becoming a cult favorite among gamers.

There is no shortage of love for the studio and Forge Falcon's work on this new mod will no doubt keep fans of the genre entertained. “Please leave your thoughts below and we hope you are excited for this one, as always, we look forward to bringing the Helldivers 2 experience to Halo Infinite,” the Forge Falcons post concluded.

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