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Last week, developer Jam City broke with its pattern and didn't release a new chapter for Harry Potter: Mystery fans, leaving them to wonder where 4 Chapter 15 was. Luckily, the wait for Year 4 Chapter 15 is over, and fans can play the new story content now.

Year 4 Chapter 15 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has three new story objectives and two new classes for players to complete. The story developments this week are actually rather significant, and answers one question that Hogwarts Mystery fans have been waiting to learn the answer to for weeks, if not longer.

The classes are also a welcome addition, as they only require six stars apiece to unlock the lessons themselves, and there's even a flying lesson this week. Flying lessons are especially important for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery because learning new flying maneuvers is the only way players can increase their maximum energy. By increasing their maximum energy, players are then able to progress through the story and complete classes at a much faster rate.

Unfortunately, Year 4 Chapter 15 has been somewhat problematic so far in terms of mistakes. The most notable issue is that Hagrid refers to the player character as “FirstName” instead of the name chosen by the player. It's likely that Jam City will fix this issue in a future update, but for now, players will have to deal with a potentially immersion-breaking problem.

Besides adding Year 4 Chapter 15 to the game, Jam City also added a new limited-time event that will let players unlock some coins and an exclusive cosmetic. This time the cosmetic item is an outfit identical to the one worn by Madame Rakepick, who is a professional curse-breaker that is a major character in Year 4.

At the time of this writing, it's unclear if players are able to progress farther than Year 4 Chapter 15 or not, but more should be made clear in the coming days. Regardless, fans should be able to expect a new chapter next Thursday.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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