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There's not a troll in the dungeon, but there does appear to be a leak in the castle. Harry Potter: Mystery appears to have had some significant future content leaked by Instagram user akkiarn. We haven't been able to find the original posts, but screenshots have been posted to Reddit that show the leaked information.

According to the leaked information, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is going to let players become an Animagus. An Animagus, for those who may not be very familiar with Harry Potter lore, is someone who can transform into an animal. For example, in the novels, Sirius Black could transform into a shaggy black dog, whereas Rita Skeeter is able to transform into a blue beetle. As a matter of fact, the latter's status as an Animagus seems as though it will actually factor into how the ability will be introduced to the game.

The leaked information shows that somehow the characters in Hogwarts Mystery become aware that Rita Skeeter is an Animagus (this is a secret in the books, as Rita is unregistered with the Ministry of Magic). It's possible that becoming an Animagus will be part of a side quest, or it will somehow tie into the ongoing quest for the Cursed Vaults. Regardless, the leaked information suggests players will have a choice into what they transform into – either a falcon, a dog, or a cat.

harry potter hogwarts mystery transfiguration class

The leaked information also reveals that Jam City is apparently planning to add more to Hogwarts Mystery. It seems as though players will have more cat, owl, and rat breeds to choose from, as well as special toads and even the magical creature Kneazle. It's noted that these could instead be tied to the player character becoming an Animagus, so players should keep that in mind.

Finally, new friends have been leaked for Hogwarts Mystery as well. These friends will include new characters like Badeea Ali, Diego Caplan, Jae Kim, as well as familiar faces in the form of Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood. It seems as though players will also have the chance to chat with Moaning Myrtyle and visit her haunted restroom.

Before fans get too excited about the information from this leak, it's possible it could be fake. Take all of this information with a grain of salt.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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