Heart Of Deimos Adds ‘Scintillant’ To Digital Extremes

Warframe's of Deimos expansion introduces a brand new resource called Scintillant, and this guide details where to farm it.

Warframe's recently-released Heart of Deimos expansion  a new resource called Scintillant to Digital Extremes' free-to-play third-person shooter. While this resource has a couple of different uses, serving as part of the new Warframe Xaku is perhaps its most notable function, and this guide looks to provide assistance to those fans that are currently struggling to find the Scintillant that they need.

Before going into the methods for farming Scintillant in Warframe, it is important to mention that this resource is proving to be exceedingly rare in these early days of Heart of Deimos. Indeed, many fans are currently reporting that they have only received one or two Scintillant after hours of farming, while some players state that they have not earned any at all. As such, fans should be prepared to put quite a lot of time toward obtaining this resource even if they follow the recommendations found below.

With that established, the ways to earn Scintillant in Warframe revolve around the Bounties that can be picked up from Mother on Necralisk. More specifically, players should look to run her Tier 1 Bounties (Levels: 5 – 15), which can grant Scintillant as a Rare reward, or her to Tier 2 Bounties (Levels: 15 – 25), which list it as a possible Common reward. While many Warframe players are currently skeptical that Scintillant is actually dropping at a Common rate from Mother's Tier 2 Bounties, fans have at least confirmed that the resource can come from these tasks.

Alternatively, players can attempt to farm Scintillant through the Isolation Vault Bounty that comes from Mother, though it is not listed as a reward there. Instead it seems that the resource has a chance to appear after dispatching the Necramech in stage three, and players should be on the lookout for it flying around the room upon the conclusion of that battle. To note, it is definitely not a certainty that a Scintillant will appear after fighting the Nechramech, but Tenno should be prepared to melee the floating resource if it does show up.

While some players may be a bit frustrated by just how difficult it is to obtain Scintillant in Warframe, it is worth noting that the resource is at least not required in tremendous quantity. Additionally, it is always possible that Digital Extremes will adjust the drop rate or fix the rewards for the aforementioned Tier 2 Bounties (if they are indeed bugged), making it easier to earn an abundance of Scintillant.

Warframe is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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