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Some players are reporting “No Man's Sky”‘s latest is wiping their progress.

As detailed by Kotaku, even though the “hours played” summary on the data appears to be correct, affected save files are reverting to the beginning of the game. The issue has been reported across all platforms, and usually cannot be resolved by loading a previous save.

While some savvy PC players have found a workaround for now, unless console players have an old save backed up on disc (rather than a HDD or cloud save), it appears the issue cannot be fixed for those playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, has responded to the issue, confirming the developer is working on the issue.

“A new build has been sent to experimental on PC,” Murray wrote on Twitter, responding to the issues on Thursday. “This will go live to everyone on PC soon. Hot fix patches are in flight for PS4 and XBox (MS/Sony cert means this is a tiny bit slower, but will be with you asap).”

At the time of writing, Hotfix 1.51 has been deployed on PC, which includes a “fix for [the] save game issue”. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One patches are currently with the respected teams awaiting certification.

Hello Games asks players to “note that if the game has not been re-saved, then progress has not been lost and will be recovered”.

“No Man's Sky's” big 1.5 update – called “Next – rolled out earlier this week on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The patch adds a large number of new features and quality of life improvements to the two-year-old space survival game, including a co-operative multiplayer mode.

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