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Earlier this week, developer Niantic officially announced the Pokemon GO trading feature, confirming that the ability to trade Pokemon would be arriving this month. While many fans are excited about the announcement, there are many moving parts to the new gameplay feature and many questions that need to be answered.

Thankfully for those fans, more information about Pokemon GO trading is now available, answering some of the frequently asked queries. Niantic has shared new information on exactly how much Pokemon trades will cost, how close players will need to be to one another, and more.

Pokemon GO trading friendship levels benefits

What Level Do You Need to Be to Trade Pokemon?

When Pokemon GO trading arrives, it will not be available to everyone. Developer Niantic has put a level limit in place, requiring players to be level 10 or higher in order to perform a Pokemon trade. Increasing a Pokemon Trainer’s level can be done just by playing the game normally, earning XP for interacting with PokeStops, throwing Poke Balls (the better the throw, the higher the XP bonus), hatching eggs, completing raids and more.

How Close Do You Need to Be for Pokemon GO Trades to Work?

In order to perform a trade, players will need to be friends with the player they are trading with. They also need to be in a relative distance to them. Niantic confirms that the required distance is 100 meters or under. That’s a large enough distance to be able to trade with someone who lives in the house next door or even across the street, but if the friend is all the way down the block, the trade won’t be able to happen.

How Much Will Pokemon GO Trades Cost?

Niantic also confirms that a normal Pokemon trade in Pokemon GO will cost just 100 Stardust. Stardust is earned easily enough, being rewarded to players for hatching eggs and catching Pokemon. The in-game store also sells Star Pieces which offer double Stardust rewards for 30 minutes when activated. Stardust isn’t in short supply, then, and the normal trades aren’t too pricey but avid Pokemon traders will want to stock up nonetheless.

Pokemon GO trading Special Trade friend discount

What Are the Benefits of Friend Level?

Once players have made some friends in Pokemon GO, they will also be able to increase their friendship levels. Increasing a friendship level doesn’t require too much effort from players who already regularly play the game with their buddies, but it is worth doing so as there are huge benefits for doing so.

Discounts on the amount of Stardust required for a trade and attack bonuses when attacking Gyms are just some of the benefits of increasing a friendship level. Friendship level will also impact the range of CP and HP of a Pokemon that the player receives. This HP/CP range is also impacted by the player’s level and their friend’s level and players can see the potential range of stats before performing the trade. Niantic explains that when the trade has been completed, the stats of the Pokemon will “change randomly” based on this new range.

How Do Special Trades Work?

Special trades, as detailed by Niantic, are trades of any legendary or shiny Pokemon or a Pokemon that isn’t already in that person’s Pokedex. These kinds of Pokemon trades can only be performed once a day. Another big benefit to friendship level is that special trades will be a lot cheaper when performed with a Best Friend when compared to a friend on a much lower friendship level.

In screenshots provided by Niantic, a special trade of Articuno and Moltres costs 1,000,000 Stardust when being performed by friends with a lower friendship level, but it costs just 40,000 Stardust when trading the Pokemon with a Best Friend. In short, it pays to be a good friend.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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