Hunt: Showdown Hints at Colorful and Customizable Ammo

With big changes promised for : Showdown in 2021, Crytek at colorful and ammo for the PVP and PVE first-person shooter.

More exciting changes look to be right around the corner for Hunt: Showdown, the horror-based PVP and PVE first-person shooter from Crytek. The developer has promised big things for Hunt: Showdown in 2021, and the start of that may be a tweet that was just posted.

So far this year, the Hunt: Showdown news has been relatively tame. Earlier this year, fans were treated to some new Hunt: Showdown DLC, including the Legendary Ronin and The Trickshooter content. While Hunter skins can be enjoyable, brand new maps, gameplay changes, and other promises are what many fans are looking for, and that is what was just hinted at with a tweet from the official Hunt: Showdown account.

The tweet talks about a colorful concoction that is coming soon, and an image comes with the upload. A bevy of ammunition is spread out in eye-catching detail, from large weapon types to small pistol ammo to even crossbow bolts. Interestingly, the ammunition is all colored differently. Hunt: Showdown veterans may recognize the idea that weapons like the Poison Hand Crossbow, for example, uses a specific ammo type that by design looks colorful and upon impact has special effects. However, this new image looks to hint at all types of ammo being colorful, not just for a specific weapon. And the Hunt: Showdown roadmap, which lays out the long-term plan for the game, explains that customizable ammunition is coming to the game at some point; this could be a part of that.

It is certainly possible that players will be soon able to purchase and use special types of ammo with their unique loadouts, just as they purchase different weapons, gear, and traits for every run into the Louisiana bayou. Crytek has already explained and/or hinted that Hunt: Showdown fans could see a new map and a new boss in 2021, but this colorful ammo selection change may be coming even sooner than that.

Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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