Iron Galaxy announces launch date for brawler royale Rumbleverse

Iron 's is officially launching for everyone on August 11. The launch kicks off a countdown to Rumbleverse's Season One, which begins exactly one week later on August 18.

partnered with Epic Games to bring the free-to-play 40 player ‘brawler royale' to the Epic Games Store on PC. Rumbleverse is also going to be available at launch on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One consoles.

“Rumbleverse has been a passion project for us and a real testament to the skills and experience of our team,” said Iron Co-boss Adam Boyes, in a statement to GamesBeat.“We can't wait to see everyone pour into Grapital City and discover the singular joy of suplexing a friend off a skyscraper.”

Rumbleverse fully supports crossplay and cross-progression, meaning you can play a few rounds on the PC and pick it back up on a console. Players can also easily team up with friends and co-brawlers no matter what they're playing on.

Iron Galaxy's been running a series of network and crossplay tests since February. The latest network test ran over the July 8 weekend and gave testers 48 hours to play Rumbleverse, as well as one last chance to earn an exclusive beta tester item.

I'm gonna be real here. The game looks fun. It looks really fun. The highlights trailer from the latest network test felt like a breath of fresh air for the battle royale genre. I've been over realistic guns for a long time, and frantic tower building never appealed to me.

But you're telling me I can elbow drop fools to death? That I can absolutely ruin 39 other players' days with Zangief Spinning Piledrivers? I didn't get a chance to play in any of the test periods, but I am so there at launch.

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