Kahoot adds Star Wars characters in their quizzes and games

Kahoot recently announced that it has opened a partnership with Disney to bring Star Wars characters to their educational material in a series of free quizzes and games. These quizzes will, according to Kahoot, use the popular material to teach about STEM, leadership, and creativity.

The material will include images of fan-favorite characters like Yoda, Darth Vader, and BB-8, presumably to capture the attention of kids. Kahoot says these quizzes will teach “a wide range of 21st century skills, such as leadership, cyber security, and social-emotional learning, as well as math, language learning, and many other topics.” They’ll be available in every language supported by Kahoot.

Several games are already available with the Star Wars branding. These include a Star Wars trivia game, quizzes about technology and space, and even a quiz about engineering concepts. It’s a way to introduce Star Wars-loving children to deeper concepts from their favorite series. Craig Narveson, director of strategic partnerships at Kahoot, notes, “Jedi use the Force for knowledge, so we hope millions of Kahoot users and Star Wars fans use these learning games to reinforce their knowledge about multiple topics in their everyday lives.”

Eilert Hanoa, CEO at Kahoot, says that this new material is a first of its kind: “We are very excited to announce this new partnership with Star Wars, and we are proud to become the first learning platform in the world able to offer official Star Wars content for free to educators and learners worldwide,” adding that the company wishes to “unleash the potential within all learners just like Jedi Masters do.”

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