The Last Case of Benedict Fox New Update For Xbox Game Pass

The Lovecraft-inspired Metroidvania game, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, developed by Plot Twist and published by Rogue Games, has recently been updated in a major way. Although this doesn't add new in-game content for players, it ushers in comprehensive modifications that significantly transform the gaming experience.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox made its debut during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in June of the previous year. A subsequent gameplay trailer provided a sneak peek into the game's world, spotlighting elements like its map, the upgrade system, the dynamic action gameplay, and a few bits of its overarching narrative. Players are invited to step into the world of detective Benedict Fox, where they confront cosmic horrors and unravel the mysteries of murder and disappearance within an eerie mansion.

Earlier in the year, fan anticipation was heightened with the announcement of The Last Case of Benedict Fox's release date and a detailed 16-minute trailer. The game hit virtual shelves on April 27, 2023, and while it was largely well-received, there were notable criticisms such as sluggish controls. Addressing these concerns, the game's recent update incorporates a plethora of improvements. Players can now enjoy MNK remapping and a customizable controller layout, a more intuitive camera system, and heightened control responsiveness. The combat and animation systems have been refined, while melee and aiming mechanics have also been accelerated for a brisker gameplay experience.

Enemies have been rebalanced to correspond with the player's enhanced speed, and those seeking a less demanding challenge will appreciate the enhanced easy difficulty mode complete with quest markers. The update also brings betterment to the UI and map markers, refining the progress-tracking experience. Additionally, a standout feature is the total revamp of the piano puzzle, now boasting a more user-friendly camera and updated UI. Finally, the update rounds off with improvements in overall game stability, audio adjustments, and a host of bug fixes, potentially propelling this game into the ranks of the best indie games available on Xbox Game Pass.

These extensive efforts to refine and enhance The Last Case of Benedict Fox, which draws significant inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, underscore the developers' commitment to delivering a polished and immersive gaming experience. By actively listening to player feedback and addressing issues promptly, they demonstrate a dedication to ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the eerie world of cosmic horrors, making the game even more captivating and enjoyable.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Patch Notes

  • MNK remapping and customizable controller layout
  • Revamped/smoother camera
  • More responsive controls
  • Remastered combat and animation system
  • Faster melee and aiming mechanics
  • Rebalanced enemies to match increase player speed
  • Enhanced easy difficulty with quest markers
  • UI and Map Markers for improved progress flow
  • UI improvements based on player feedback
  • Overhauled piano puzzle with improved camera and updated UI
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Audio fixes
  • Bug fixes

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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