LEGO Brawls released on 2nd September for PC & consoles

For the past several years,  has already been accessible on iOS devices via the Apple Arcade service, but it will be coming to other , PC, and all the other major platforms later this year. Brawls has officially been given a release date in recognition of LEGO CON 2022.

Furthermore, LEGO Brawls features a powerful character customization system that allows players to share their creativity. The latest teaser showed soon fans would be able to experience this game on their preferred platform. Lego Brawls proves that games based on Super Smash Bros. can retain their own distinct gameplay personality, and hence as the release date approaches, the anticipation is growing among the fans. Visually, the console version will be improved, and new online modes will be added.

Although many Smash clones appear to believe that they must be identical to Nintendo's iconic series in hopes of drawing gamers, Lego Brawls demonstrated that this isn't the reality. The game's store description promises, “Dream up the ideal Minifigure brawlers and pound your way through all of your favorite Lego themes in the first-team action brawler set in the Lego universe.” “Play with your pals at home or around the globe to see how you compare to the competition.

What to expect from LEGO Brawls?

As per the trailer, the game is scheduled to go live on 2 September. Players can construct and personalize their own characters in LEGO Brawls, cooperate with colleagues, and fight it out throughout famous settings in popular LEGO themes, such as the universe.

The following are aspects of the game that creators have mentioned:

  • Create your own heroic Minifigure with special brawling skills
  • Create absurd power-ups out of blocks.
  • Control famous LEGO levels with your teammates.
  • Battle in eight distinct venues, which include classics such as Castle and novices like Jurassic World.
  • Add to your minifig and power-up arsenal.

The developers may add more features before releasing the game for all the platforms.

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