Minecraft 1.16.20 Update Introduces Piglin Brute Mobs

The newest Minecraft a challenging twist on the Piglin mob: the Piglin Brutes, a strong enemy that’s immediately hostile.

It’s a great day for Minecraft fans, with the Creeping Winter DLC release date for Minecraft Dungeons being announced and an update for Minecraft with some cool new features. The 1.16.20 update is adding crafting interface updates, bug fixes, and perhaps most interestingly of all: Piglin mobs.

Piglin Brutes are a hostile, formidable enemy in Minecraft due to their inability to be tricked by gold or to be scared into running away. The Piglin Brute is a mob, according to the Minecraft’s official Twitter announcement, that wields axes and has already determined the player to be a thief. They live in bastion remnants and protect the location’s treasures from players who wish to take them. Unlike normal Minecraft Piglins, they can’t be bartered with.

Piglin Brutes will no doubt be a challenging mob for Minecraft players used to fighting normal, weaker Piglins, which are notoriously both cowardly and greedy. Since Piglin Brutes can’t be bribed or frightened, players will have to choose other methods of dealing with them, which will most likely involve fighting them head-on or simply avoiding them. Thankfully, Piglin Brutes are easy enough to distinguish from normal Piglins due to their bright gold arm bracers and huge belt buckles, and the golden axes they swing at enemies.

Many players know the pain of losing to an enemy in Minecraft, and the Piglin Brutes are no force to be trifled with. The mob will attack players on sight, no matter what the player is wearing or what actions they take. Normal Piglins, for example, won’t attack players wearing gold armor, but Piglin Brutes won’t shy down from any fight. Mojang says Piglin Brutes also don’t wear any armor because they “just that tough,” meaning they’ll be able to take a lot of hits before going down.

When defeating a Piglin, players have a chance of getting the creature’s golden axe. They also don’t respawn when killed, and despawn in Peaceful difficulty in Java Edition. They can also open wooden doors, so players shouldn’t expect to be able to hide behind them. If players want to go looking for treasure in bastion remnants, it’d be a good idea to equip a good Minecraft weapon and good armor so they’ll be able to stand up to this hostile mob.

Version 1.16.20 has a lot of other cool new features, including a ton of issue fixes that will hopefully make the game a smoother experience for every player. Minecraft fans looking for a challenge should update and start up their game and head for some bastion remnants.

Minecraft is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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