Minecraft 1.19.60 on Bedrock Has New Spawn Eggs and Blocks

might be over a decade old at this point, but Microsoft is still keeping it alive with regular updates. There's an update rolling out for the Bedrock edition right now with a few great improvements.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.19.60 is now rolling out to PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. Most of the changes in this release are for “vanilla parity” — the ongoing work to ensure Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition are mostly the same experience for players.

Matching the Java Edition, Bedrock now has eggs for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither mobs, but they are only accessible through commands. Saddles, horse armor, and carpets on llamas now work like they do on Java, Crimson and Warped block sets have unique sounds, pressure plates have different sound pitches, Frogspawn maps and bed block map colors now match Java, and so on. Those changes (and many others) should help the two editions feel a little more alike.

The new spawn eggs Microsoft

Microsoft is also testing a few new experimental features, building on changes introduced in November's 19.50 update. You can now craft 9 Bamboo into a Bamboo Block, and using an axe will turn it into a Stripped Block of Bamboo. You can also turn the blocks into planks, like wood blocks, giving you more options for decoration.

The update also has dozens of bug fixes, affecting touch controls, blocks, V-sync settings, the Android version, and Realms. If you don't have any of the Bedrock editions already, check out the Minecraft site.

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