Minecraft Player Beats The Game Using a Piano

Playing a musical instrument requires skill and patience, learning to understand how the instrument in question works, and how to use it to play and create melodies. What very few people have done however, is use a musical instrument to complete a video game. Enter You Tuber Jachael123, who has successfully used a MIDI keyboard to complete the sandbox game Minecraft.

By binding the game’s controls to specific notes on the keyboard, Jachael123 was able to gradually learn how to hit trees, trade, fight, and eventually slay Minecraft’s final boss, the Ender Dragon. It took him around seven and a half hours, with the final boss taking an hour and a half. This considerable effort has been edited down into a 10 minute highlight reel, complete with musical accompaniment, which includes using the complex control system for clever moves, such as using a water bucket to break his fall while fighting the Ender Dragon.

The hugely popular Minecraft was officially released in 2011, and maintains 126 million active monthly users nearly a decade later. Even so, this appears to be the first time anyone has completed the game with a , although Jachael123 is not the first to play it with the instrument. He utilized a key binding preset created by fellow You Tuber Dylan Tallchief in order to undertake his musical mission.

This is latest in a series of videos across the internet, showing people using unusual controllers to play and complete games. With one of the most well-known being Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin, who has completed the notoriously difficult Dark Souls with a staggering nine different controllers, including a Rock Band guitar, a microphone, a dance mat, and even a Rock Band drum kit. YouTuber Technoblade has also completed Minecraft in hardcore mode using a racing wheel.

Players love to show off their gaming skills, so after dispatching a game with a regular joypad, it’s not surprising that some look to see other interesting ways they can challenge themselves. Considering the continuing popularity of game streaming and gaming videos, it’s also logical that streamers will try and find unusual and engaging ways to play much-loved titles.

Some gaming purists may argue that using strange controllers to play games isn’t really gaming in the truest sense, but when the results are this creative and (mostly) tuneful, it can only be a positive thing. The comments so far suggest that players are looking forward to seeing even more creative ways of tackling their favourite games.

Minecraft is out now for Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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