Minecraft Player Shows Off Their Working Rollercoaster

Over 10 years after its initial release, Minecraft is not only the most popular sandbox survival game, but is also currently one of the most popular games. Due to its accessibility, survival elements, and especially its massive potential for creativity, Minecraft has stood the test of time in the gaming industry better than most other games.

Because of its continued dominance, the game has also received some solid updates over the years, such as its largest and most recent, Minecraft‘s massive The Wild Update. Along with further improving the gameplay, these updates typically add new materials and crafting recipes that further expand upon what can be accomplished in the game.

What this means is that the game’s creative ceiling, which is already constantly being tested by players, is further pushed due to these updates and the influx of new materials or recipes they provide. In turn, this allows for bigger, better, or more beautiful creations like amazing Minecraft stained glass windows, for example. It also allows for more ingenuity, and recently a showed this off with an amazing, functioning ride in the game.

Reddit user captured a side-view video of their rollercoaster in action, offering a perfect look at its path as well as how it works. First, the minecart descends into a “loop” that works by launching the player off of slime blocks held by sticky pistons. Then, the cart lands back on the track before being launched up, back, and forward by more slime blocks and finally descending through a set of flaming hoops at the end. Reminiscent of the Minecraft Steampunk Walker build, the rollercoaster looks a bit cobbled together, but the end result is a legitimate ride players can hop onto.

However, one is left to question the ending of said ride, as it sends the player careening off towards the ground. Many Reddit users were cracking jokes about the fact that Steve was sent sailing to what looked like an unfortunate falling death off-screen. Tyingnoose never seemed to reference this in the comments, so it is left up to viewers to either hope that there is water waiting to cushion the fall or assume that this rollercoaster is a “one last ride” sort of endeavor.

That being said, ’s creation is incredibly creative and is further boosted by the idea of adding to it. Perhaps in the future tyingnoose could add a safe ending to the ride; conversely, it could be funny to end it with one of Minecraft‘s deadly Warden mobs so that viewers wouldn’t be left questioning.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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