MixMob, P2E blockchain game received 7 million in funding

MixMob, a new game, has announced that it received 7 million in . Defiance Capital, a DeFi-focused crypto-asset fund, led this round of funding. Other investments came from leading venture capital firms Ascensive Assets, Not3lau Capital, and IOSG.

“This appreciable injection of capital will allow us to achieve our strategic objectives over the coming months and years,” said the platform's CEO and Game Director Simon Vieira. “The play-to-earn sector is showing no signs of slowing down, and by offering something vastly different to what already exists in the space, we firmly believe MixMob will prove to be a hit with the creative community.”

What is MixMob?

“It is a game first and foremost. That is the team's entire background. The funding raised was for the game and the team is what drew the investors,” said Pavel Bains, executive producer. “We apply a phased approach with first a social game, then a Obs Studio 64bit Full Crack MMO which de-risks the IP and allows the team to build efficiently. The hardest thing about launching a new game IP as an indie studio is getting an audience. The NFTs, Discord story etc. are there to support the game. We use them to build a community for the game before it launches. Again, we are de-risking the game IP.”

Leveraging the Solana blockchain, Encore Studios is creating MixMob as a P2E (play-to-earn) experience. In the future, a malevolent AI has destroyed all of human culture. In the game, you'll be a part of a resistance movement attempting to “re-chain our culture.” In MixMob, players will be rewarded for style and creativity as well as twitch-based skills.
Phase I of development will be a card-based racing game with phase II expanding into a comprehensive, Fortnite-like world. You'll be able to wear NFT based masks as well as owning NFT based pets called MixBots. These pets evolve depending on their owners activity in the metaverse.

The MixMob team is also experimenting with a “novel” approach to land ownership. Does this mean I could theoretically shout “get off my lawn” at a group of players? I'm sold.

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