The first look of Modern Warfare 2 Neymar skin leaked online

New Warfare 2 Neymar leaks have surfaced online, confirming the earlier ones and giving players their first look at the character.

A trustworthy leaker named “TheGhostOfHope” shared a list of upcoming operators for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The majority of the names were brand-new, but they also included well-known footballers, including Lionel Messi, in addition to Neymar and Pogba. He claimed that operator skins for football players like Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and many others would be added to the game.

Modern Warfare 2's Neymar skin has leaked

Now, screenshots that have been going around on Twitter seem to reveal the Modern Warfare 2 Neymar skin, which shows the players in military costumes. CodSploitz, a renowned Call of Duty data miner, claims to have scoured through Modern Warfare 2 ahead of its official release and discovered the planned Neymar and Pogba skins.

These skins could indicate Activision's strategy for advertising and energizing the player base with skins associated with the FIFA World Cup, which begins in Qatar on November 20. The leaks haven't revealed much because the game's formal release will soon coincide with their debut. The fans may currently see what the football players will appear like in their operator roles.

The Modern Warfare 2 Neymar operator's skin appearance, however, received positive feedback as it became evident that they would maintain the design and color scheme of the game. Some have even argued that they appear more impressive in Modern Warfare 2 than in FIFA 23.

In comparison to their real-life versions, Pogba and Neymar's virtual characters in Modern Warfare 2 appear remarkably lifelike. With a suitable 4K system on your PC or next-generation console, they might potentially appear even superior.

Although Activision hasn't made any formal statements on the likelihood of a football collaboration, they might have prepared something along these themes.

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