Monster Hunter: World 2 reveal at The Game Awards hints Capcom insider

Rumours suggest there is no new Resident Evil remake due in 2024 but there will be a major new Capcom announcement this year.

The current popularity of big budget video game remakes is in large part due to Capcom's Resident Evil 2, which, after the minor speedbump of Resident Evil 3, led to the equally acclaimed Resident Evil 4 remake.

It's generally believed that the next one will be Resident Evil 5 – even though 5 and 6 are considerably less popular than the others and 5's handling of its African setting is going to need a major rethink.

Many fans (including us) wish Capcom would go back and remake Code: Veronica, which is a far more significant entry in the series than its awkward subtitle suggests, in terms of both its story and it being the first entry to move away from fixed camera angles. For better or worse though it doesn't seem to be happening.

A recent rumour on 4chan, pretending that a Code: Veronica remake was happening after all, caught some fans' attention and while it was pretty obviously fake, trusted Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem went to the trouble of confirming that it is ‘bollacks' [sic].

He went further though, by stating that not only is the rumour (which pretended to have played a hands-on demo) false but there are no Resident Evil remakes of any kind coming out next year.

On top of that, he added that there is ‘a big Capcom game' that will be announced in late 2023 and launched in 2024, that is not Resident Evil related.

As much as we'd like to believe that's a Dino Crisis remake it's pretty obvious he's talking about a new and The Game Awards on December 8.

It would certainly be bizarre if Capcom were to announce their game at any other time this year, and they've already admitted that they have a new title due next year that will sell millions of copies.

As many franchises as they have, the only three that could guarantee that are Resident Evil, Street Fighter (which just had a new sequel this year), and – whose breakout hit in the West was Monster Hunter: World in 2018, which has still not received a direct sequel.

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