Mortal Kombat 11 and Kingdom Hearts 3 On Sale At Best Buy

Best Buy is offering two great discounts on two great games. The electronics retailer is saving gamers a nice chunk of change on both Kombat 11 and Hearts 3, but there's no telling how long the deal will last.

We're already approaching the end of August, but there is still some summer left. Anyone still looking for a game or two to play while on vacation, or just looking for a good game in general, Best Buy can help with that. The epic conclusion of the very long (and very convoluted) story of Sora and his Disney pals, Kingdom Hearts 3, is available now for a very nice discount, going for only $29.99 (originally $59.99). The story leading up to the finale is summed up nicely in the Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far collection, which packages together all of the games necessary to catch up. It is also available for a slight discount, tagged at $29.99 – 10 dollars off the regular price.

Kingdom Hearts 3 released at the start of the year and one bit of free DLC is already available. The Critical Mode DLC a harder difficulty mode for those who think the game is on the easy side. More DLC is planned for the future, however. The Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC was revealed through a trailer shortly before E3 2019 kicked off. It's hard to tell what the DLC will bring to the game just from the video and no clear-cut answers from developer Square Enix have been disclosed either, but that will likely change when it gets closer to the content's release. The ReMind DLC is slated to drop this winter.

Bargain hunters in the mood for something a little more mature can pick up the next chapter in the long-running fighting series known for its brutal and gruesome combat. All versions of Mortal Kombat 11, including Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, are currently selling for $39.99 (originally $59.99).

The title released last spring and new content has been added since then, which can be seen as a plus for latecomers. The money saved through this discount can possibly go towards purchasing the Kombat Pack: a collection of DLC that offers new fighters like Shang Tsung and Nightwolf, with more to come in the future. There are also occasionally other bonuses for purchasers, such as a classic MK3 Sonya Skin.

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