MultiVersus: All Halloween Skins Added in Latest Update

It’s halfway through October, which means that spooky season is in full swing. Now is usually about the time when game developers start to add a small collection of -themed goodies to their games, whether it’s cosmetics or full-on limited time events. The recently released crossover fighter MultiVersus is leaning hard into Halloween, with a limited-time currency and a handful of perfectly themed being added to the game this week.

Since its release back in July, MultiVersus has continued to add iconic characters to its roster from across Warner Bros.’ vast back-catalogue. Recently, MultiVersus added both Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins to the game, coming at the perfect time of year. And now, to go along with the spookier characters, MultiVersus has added a few horror-themed to mark the spooky season, including outfits for Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Iron Giant.

Every Halloween Skin In MultiVersus

There are a total of seven new Halloween in MultiVersus right now. From October 12 to November 15, MultiVersus is a hosting a Halloween limited-time event, where players will earn a new Candy currency by just going about their usual business. At the end of each match, a certain amount of Candy will be rewarded, which can then be used to unlock a variety of goodies in-game, from exclusive emotes to gold to two of the new Halloween skins.

For 3000 Candy, players will be able to unlock the new Mummy Reindog skin, which sees the adorable little beast get wrapped in linen and given a golden Egyptian necklace and antlers. For quadruple that price, 12,000 Candy, players will be able to unlock the Calico Cake variant for Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog. Alternatively, players can exchange their Candy for small amounts of gold, which should help towards unlocking the rest of MultiVersus’ roster.

Players can unlock another five MultiVersus Halloween skins by shelling out the big Gleamium bucks. The cheapest skin of the bundle is Tom and Jerry’s new vampire outfit, which will set players back 800 Gleamium. This skin is pretty simple, but very cute, giving both Tom and Jerry a cape each, a set of fangs, and longer bat-like ears. The Iron Giant’s Frankenstein skin and Witch Velma both cost 1500 Gleamium each. The Iron Giant skin gives the massive robot some leather boots, and a leather jacket, as well as two green mechanical face sections that make him resemble the horror icon. He also has two energy coils on his shoulder, generating a green electricity that runs throughout his body. Velma’s skin gives her a giant witch hat with cat ears, a purple witch dress with an orange trim, cat print tights, gloves, and orange shoes with bells on them.

The two most expensive skins come from DC, with both Wonder Woman and Superman’s Halloween-themed outfits setting players back 2000 Gleamium a piece. For long-time DC fans, these outfits are going to be worth every penny, as they reference one of the most popular comic runs in the publisher’s history. Based on the Blackest Night run, which sees the Justice League getting turned into zombies, Wonder Woman and Superman’s Halloween outfits put them in their zombified Black Lantern costumes. For Wonder Woman, this simply makes her skin pale and her costume black and gray, but for Superman, this skin gives him cracked skin, glowing red eyes, and a sleek steel-like costume.

MultiVersus is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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