MWM Interactive partners with Oxenfree dev Night School Studio

MWM Interactive announced today that it will publish the next title from , the behind notable indie games Oxenfree and Afterparty. We don't know what the game will be yet.

MWM is filling its portfolio with other indie projects as well. This includes Mundaun, a horror game with a hand-penciled look. It will be the first full-length game from Hidden Fields, Swiss programmer and artist Michel Ziegler's one-person studio.

Indie games have grown a lot in the last 15 years or so, starting as curiosities and fan projects and evolving into a big business thanks to digital distribution models. They have also became a force of innovation in the industry, with indie studios experimenting with existing genres and creating new ones. More publishers are taking notice of these smaller projects and investing in them.

MWM will also publish Maskmaker from Innerspace VR. Innerspace created the VR puzzle adventure game A Fisherman's Tale. The new title will take players inside a magical mask workshop.

Last, MWM will publish a game from the new studio Quiet Dimensions. This unannounced project will be the Czech-based developer's first project.

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