New Halo Infinite Rumor Teases the Return of Requested Features

Somebody claiming to be involved with the QA testing of Halo Infinite reveals some tasty information about the upcoming game's multiplayer mode.

Despite having originally been announced as one of the launch titles for the Xbox Series consoles, Halo Infinite remains nowhere to be seen. It's currently slated to release in late 2021, although rumors of further delays continue to pop up on a fairly regular basis. While Microsoft has been pretty quick to shoot them down whenever they do so, the lack of a solid release date and the extremely limited amount of footage of the game in action may be a cause for concern for some series fans.

Not all of the whispers surrounding the game are negative, though, with a recent Reddit from an alleged insider providing plenty of potential good news for fans of the series. As well as confirming that the game will release before the end of 2021, its poster also provides plenty of information regarding Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode and even hints at some of 343 Industries' post-launch plans for the game.

The redditor, who posted the information using the handle Infinite2021yup, claims to work for a QA company based in Europe that has been testing Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode over the past month. If they are to be believed, there are quite a few returning included in the game, including both the Pit and the Battle Pass system. If that weren't enough, there are allegedly a whole host of new features and mechanics coming to the game as well.

In particular, the leaker offers up plenty of information about the new grappling hook which first appeared in the game's reveal trailer and was confirmed to be coming to multiplayer by 343 Industries last July. Apparently, as well as being able to use the Grappleshot for map traversal, players will also be able to use it to pick up weapons, capture the flag and even pull other players towards them during competitive game modes.

As many have pointed out, the leak should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt as the poster provides no real evidence that they have actually been hands-on with the game. Given the sensitive nature of their post, though, and the fact that any QA testers will almost certainly have been made to sign non-disclosure agreements, it is perhaps understandable why they are so keen to avoid posting any identifying information.

This isn't the only Halo Infinite leak to have surfaced in recent months either, with several characters having been prematurely unveiled by people working on or with the game. Voice actor Verlon Roberts accidentally revealed that he'd be voicing a character called Spartan Griffin. A short while later, Mega Construx revealed models for Spartan Griffin and another character known as Spartan Stone. How these characters fit into the game's story remains to be seen.

Halo Infinite will launch in late 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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