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is 2 had an official reveal trailer released today for the upcoming episodic adventure game. The new sequel in the Life is Strange franchise focuses on an all-new storyline and set of characters.

DONTNOD Entertainment first announced Life is Strange 2 back in June, though nothing from the game was shown at the time. However, a free playable demo called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was revealed at this ’s E3 and served as a demo to the upcoming sequel.

Life is Strange 2 steers away from the time-bending adventures of Max Caulfield and tells the story of two brothers on the run from the law. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that a fatal accident sets the events of the game in motion, forcing Sean Diaz and his younger brother, Daniel, to go on the run The game’s story will likely focus heavily on themes such as survival and brotherhood.

Life is Strange 2 is DONTNOD’s second game in the Life is Strange series, as opposed to last year’s Life, is Strange: Before the Storm which was developed by Deck Nine. The prequel was a shorter three episode experience, while the sequel returns to a five-episode structure. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which is free to download, serves as the game’s prologue, though it is uncertain how it will tie into the events of the sequel or if the events of the original game will tie in at all. It has been confirmed that choices made in Captain Spirit’s demo will affect certain aspects of the story in Life is Strange 2.

Even though Before the Storm helped to give a little more background on Chloe Price’s character and her relationship with Rachel Amber, the game was missing a key gameplay element of the original: the ability to reverse time. While all in the series focus on heavy themes and making important decisions that impact its storyline, the supernatural element in the original was arguably what made it unique and made for some of the more interesting puzzles in the game.

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It is yet to be seen if there are any sort of supernatural abilities included in Life is Strange 2 at the moment. Still, if Captain Spirit’s demo is anything to go by, there will likely be a few surprises in store for us upon the game’s release.

Life is Strange 2’s first episode will be released September 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and One.

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