New Tales Game May Be in the Works, According to Bandai Trademark

Namco files a for “Tales of Luminaria” in Europe, prompting speculation from fans over the nature of the title.

There are many JRPG franchises that have spanned decades through numerous entries. While most players would immediately think of the Final Fantasy franchise with Final Fantasy 16‘s recent announcement, or even the prolific history of Dragon Quest, there is another series that holds a similar pedigree. The Tales of  series continues to release new titles as the franchise hits its 25 anniversary this year, but it seems publisher Bandai Namco may have more planned than just one new game.

Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for “Tales of Luminaria” in Europe which has the Tales community buzzing over a possible impending announcement. With the next main-line entry of the franchise, Tales of Arise still forthcoming after an indefinite delay, fans are speculating what Tales of Luminaria might be.

With the Tales of franchise spanning numerous platforms, genres and even mediums, there are a significant amount of options for what Bandai Namco might release under the name. The trademark filing was discovered by a user on the popular forum ResetEra which saw many responses pointing to the most obvious outcome. Many of the forum users firmly believe that Tales of Luminaria will be another mobile spin-off which has become a common fixture for the series.

Some believe that while it may not be the next main-line entry, it could possibly be much more than just a mobile game. Like most prominent JRPG franchises, there have been numerous spin-off titles under the Tales of name. Tales of Luminaria could be the next spin-off title to release on the Switch. Despite the Nintendo Switch being perfect for JRPGs, Tales of Arise is only scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. With a big JRPG fanbase appreciating the Switch’s ability for on the go level grinding, it’s possible Luminaria might just be a Switch exclusive.

This discovery of the trademark coincides with some big news for Tales of franchise fans. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is now available on Xbox Game Pass after releasing on the service last week. With Tales of Vesperia considered the best entry in the franchise by many fans, the release on Game Pass will likely allow even general JRPG fans the chance to try what many players consider a classic of the genre.

As fans still ponder over what Tales of Luminaria might turn out to be, the core hope is that it captures the positive elements that the Tales of series is known for. Since the trademark filing for Luminaria has only been made in Europe, it’s likely that little news will come anytime soon. Until then, fans will continue to wait for any update on the release date for Tales of Arise.

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