NHL 19 Open Beta Out Today | Gaming

Start practicing your dangles and cellys with the 19 open beta, which starts (at the time of this writing it’s not yet available) and runs through August 2. This ’s preamble focuses on the game’s World of Chel hub, including Ones, Threes Drop-In, and the Pro-Am.

Ones is a 1v1v1 free-for-all where everyone simply competes to grab the puck and score on a single goalie. Threes is self-explanatory, and the Pro-Am is a single-player tutorial of sorts to get you attuned to the player-lock of the EASHL.

No matter which mode you play you can try out the game’s revamped class system, which lets you tweak your physique (which then alters your attributes) and try loadouts of primary and secondary traits. These traits, like Booming Slapper, also positively and negatively affect your player.

NHL 19 comes out on September 14 (PS4, Xbox One), and we’ll have extensive hands-on details later today.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

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