Nintendo eShop Sale Offers Huge Discounts on Popular Switch Games

The Nintendo eShop's Share the Fun offers huge discounts of up to 50% off on some of the most games for the Switch.

The Nintendo eShop just launched the Share the Fun Sale that offers huge discounts of up to 50% off on some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games right now. Players interested in grabbing a Switch game or two should know that all deals will only be available until August 30th, so players should take advantage now while the sale is still available.

Now, headlining the eShop's Share the Fun Sale is Luigi's Mansion 3, which is currently available for $41.99 or 30% off its original price of $59.99. To the uninitiated, Luigi's Mansion 3 was released in October of 2019 and became one of the most downloaded Switch games of the year. The game revolves around Luigi and friends as they explore a haunted hotel after getting tricked into visiting it by King Boo. Luigi's Mansion 3 features various levels that are uniquely designed to fit a certain theme and the game can be played via a single-player story mode or through a set of multiplayer game modes.

Several months ago, Nintendo introduced the second DLC for Luigi's Mansion 3 called the Multiplayer Pack 2, which adds a ton of new activities for players to explore in the game. Additionally, the DLC also added new costumes, mini-games, six new themed ghosts, three new outfits, and three new floor themes. However, both DLC's for Luigi's Mansion 3 has to be purchased separately from the base game.

Another notable Switch game that players can purchase at a discount right now is Cuphead. The game is available for $15.99, which is 20% cheaper than its current price of $19.99. Cuphead was first released in 2017 for the PC and Xbox One and was later ported to the macOS before heading to the Switch in April of 2019. Just last July, the game was surprised launched for the PS4 after rumors circulated online a day before the game's release to Sony's console.

Now for those players who are looking for a good racing game on the Switch, the eShop is also offering a 40% discount for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, which is currently available for $23.99. To those unaware, Nitro-Fueled is a remake of the 1999 game developed by Naughty Dog for the original PlayStation. Although the Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled remained mostly faithful to the original, the remake added small differences that only veteran players of the original game would notice.

Some highlights of the eShop's Share the Fun Sale include:

  • Burnout Paradise Remastered – $34.99
  • Just Dance 2020 – $19.99
  • 1-2-Switch – $34.99
  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition – $19.99
  • ARMS – $41.99
  • Dead by Daylight – $26.39
  • Unravel Two – $4.99
  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection – $29.99
  • Go Vacation – $23.99
  • What The Golf? – $14.99
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