Nintendo Switch Online adds Xbox Rewards achievement system

The latest update for Switch Online has added a new missions and rewards system, which lets you complete challenges to earn My Nintendo platinum points that can be spent on exclusive profile rewards.

The new system is similar to Xbox Rewards, in that it allows you to complete simple challenges on your console to unlock digital freebies. So far, these challenges involve using the features in the Online subscription service, such as playing a Switch game online, backing up your save data, or playing an NES game through its library of classic Nintendo titles.

Nintendo says you'll be able to complete most missions “simply by doing things you're probably already doing with your Nintendo Switch Online membership”. All the missions that have been released so far renew on a weekly or monthly basis.

Completing a challenge will earn you between 20 to 100 My Nintendo platinum points, which can be redeemed for digital wallpapers, physical items from the online My Nintendo Store, and new profile elements, such as frames, characters, and backgrounds that can be combined to create your own, custom user icon.

The available icon elements will refresh each week and follow a monthly theme. This month's theme is Animal Crossing – specifically, those characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons who have a birthday in March – and Super Mario Odyssey. They'll refresh on April 3.

With the update already live, anyone with a Nintendo Switch and a subscription to the console's online membership can head to the Nintendo Switch Online app and find the “Missions & Rewards” tab on the left to start completing challenges or browsing unlocks.

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