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Will Nintendo win the 2018 console war?

The NPD Group has predicted Nintendo will beat Sony and Microsoft this year, and that Red Dead Redemption II will be the best-selling game.

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We might be in the middle of the summer games drought at the moment but soon enough the number of new games being released each week will begin to creep up again and we’ll be facing the Christmas games rush instead.

Not only are the majority of new games released in the autumn months, but that’s when the most sales are made too – and US chart-tracker NPD think they know who’s going to coming out on top.

In a new blog Mat Piscatella notes that PlayStation 4 sales have exceeded expectations, and that it’s been the best-selling console so far in the US this year.

But he still predicts that the Switch will beat it overall in 2018, once the Christmas gift-giving season is over.

Although exact figures are no longer released, sales of all three consoles have been very close all year, with all three selling better than most of their predecessors at the same point in their lifetime.

But Piscatella thinks the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will tip the balance in Nintendo’s favour.

And yet he predicts that the multiformat Red Dead Redemption II will be the biggest selling game overall, just beating Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

In fact, he’s concocted a whole top 10 of 2018’s best-sellers, which puts Battlefield V at number three and Fallout 76 at number seven.

There are no Nintendo games in the top 10 but Piscatella is using strict NPD rules which will count sales of Pokémon: Let’s Go’s two versions as separate games. While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t out until December.

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Apart from sports titles US tastes in games tend to be very similar to the UK, with the only major difference being that Britain is traditionally the weakest major world market for Nintendo.

But since they’re not in the predicted top 10 anyway all you need to do is add FIFA and remove NBA 2K and Madden NFL and that’ll probably be pretty accurate for here as well.

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